Eagle Eye: Intense, Entertaining Thriller

Eagle Eye
Dreamworks Pictures
Starring: Shia LeBeouf, Michelle Monaghan, Billy Bob Thorton, Rosario Dawson, and Michael Chiklis
Rated PG-13 for scenes of intense action, brief language, but sadly no nudity from Michelle Monaghan…bummer, dude.
Running Time: 118 minutes
In theatres now…unless it’s on DVD and you’re reading this, then you’ll probably be reading my DVD review of the movie and not this one.

Holy crap! Screw what Rotten Tomatoes says about Eagle Eye. This movie was awesome! If you like action, suspense, and edge-of-your-seat thrills, this is the movie for you. If not, Continue reading “Eagle Eye: Intense, Entertaining Thriller”

Indy 4 looking as good as it should

And on the other side of the movie spectrum, we have an adventure movie that actually kicks butt! Indiana Jones is back (“You call him Dr. Jones!”) and he’s kicking ass major. If you still had any doubts as to whether Harrison Ford can be old and hot at the same time, they are about to be silenced!

Things are looking fantastically crisp and classic, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re in for one hell of a ride here! I can’t wait for the movie to release on May 22nd!

Not fond of YouTube? Check it out in HD at 480p and 720p!