Megan Fox not returning for Transformers 3

Transformers 3 is really shaping up to be what the last two movies couldn’t give us. Word of the Autobot twins accused of being racial stereotypes not being in the third movie came out a few weeks ago. Long before that there was rumor that Megan Fox’s character would be killed off in the third movie due to conflicts between the actress and Director Michael Bay. He would later say that she wasn’t going to be killed off, but the seeds of descent had been sown.

Deadline reports today that Paramount won’t be picking up Megan Fox for the third film. The reason? It’s Michael Bay’s choice. The reasons might be a little more deep than they didn’t work well together, might also have something to do with Fox calling Bay Hitler. Either way, Fox won’t be returning and I think the movie’s going to be better because of it.

I would like to see Megan Fox’s character killed off, not because I have a distaste for her, but because I have a distaste for her character. Fox’s character didn’t add anything to the movie, just something nice to look at. Her character dying could very well make Shia LeBeouf’s character into something actually interesting.

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