Nintendo Wii U Launch November 18

Wii U tablet

Oh boy here we go again! I remember when I was so excited for the launch of the Nintendo Wii. Now I get to get all hyped up about the Wii U. Continue reading “Nintendo Wii U Launch November 18”

When is Alpha Protocol coming out? Apparently Sega doesn’t know.

alphaprotocol release date 3
With the game’s release date being tossed around by retailers, and Obsidian themselves keeping quiet, Sega seemed like our only hope for an answer. Continue reading “When is Alpha Protocol coming out? Apparently Sega doesn’t know.”

Splinter Cell has sneak release?


This one could be down to a clerical error but US retailer GameStop has posted on it’s website a 30th June release date for Splinter Cell: Conviction on both 360 and PC Continue reading “Splinter Cell has sneak release?”

Street Fighter – No UK Release?


While reviews of Street Fighter: TLCL have hardly been complimentary to the franchise action movie what is a surprise is the lack of a theatrical release date for the United Kingdom. Continue reading “Street Fighter – No UK Release?”