Alpha Protocol’s release date is indecisive

alpha protocol
Obsidian Entertainment’s next game is set to be released next week, at least that was the intention. The game’s release date on retailers websites has seen a great change as of recent. shows the game being released on October 27th, a reasonable delay. shows the release date as the first of June 2010, somewhat outlandish. It would seem the game’s release date on video game rental website Gamefly has just vanished all together.

The question is obvious now, when is the game actually coming out? Well either no one knows, or someone knows and refuses to answer. Contact has been made with Obsidian on the release date only to be redirected to Sega, the game’s publisher, only to get NO response. So it would seem the only way to find out the game’s release date at this point is to stand around awkwardly shuffling while looking at the ground while we wait for an actual response.

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