Atari Announces Neverwinter for 2011

Atari’s attempt to jump on the co-op RPG bandwagon, with a franchise we all know and trust.
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Neverwinter Nights 3 To Be Announced Soon?

Is Lord Nasher Alagondar putting out a notice for more hardy adventurers to hazard the lands of Faerun? Or even the Rashemen, for that matter.
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Ghostbusters The Video Game – Please God Don’t Let This Game Suck

Every now and then there is a video game trailer that brings a glimmer of hope. Usually soon after, this hope gets crushed. For instance, when the Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts teaser trailer was released fanboys went wild. A couple months later, Rare shot them in the foot announcing it was a vehicular title rather than a simple platform.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game definitely falls into this category. On paper it seems fantastic. In final form, it usually is a stinker. When Vivendi merged with Activision and Activision dropped the title from its publishing lineup, a red flag warning went up. This title might not be so good.

I am grateful that Atari is planning on publishing this game. It would have been a shame to see all this time and effort by the original actors go to waste. From the new trailer [see below] it appears that at least the cutscenes will live up to the film’s comedic and fun adventure qualities.

Please Atari, take all the time and money that you need to make this title AAA.

PS – Please find a new announcer. The voice actor in this trailer kind of sucks.

WTF: Choose Your Own Adventure: Pong

There are some times when I am utterly shocked. I am at a loss of words. “What would you call this?” I ask myself. Is it the most utterly depressing thing that has ever happened to entertainment media, or is it the most ingenious idea ever? This is definitely one of them. The name itself should be enough to satisfy your curiosity: Choose Your Own Adventure: Pong.

It has all the gameplay of Pong, translated into paper format. You turn pages to determine the moment of your bat. The ball remains ominously stationary on each page, its position entirely dependant on what choice you make next, whether you go up or (urp) down. A truly epic adventure. Its something you’ve never experienced before.

This sort of stuff makes us wonder as to what went through the creator’s mind when he thought of it. How could he hope to sell it to anyone without as much free time as himself? Perhaps that is why he lets you “read” the excellent adventure book cover-to-cover in the free online viewer that we have helpfully embedded below.

Go ahead, enjoy your adventure!