Ghostbusters The Video Game – Please God Don’t Let This Game Suck

Every now and then there is a video game trailer that brings a glimmer of hope. Usually soon after, this hope gets crushed. For instance, when the Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts teaser trailer was released fanboys went wild. A couple months later, Rare shot them in the foot announcing it was a vehicular title rather than a simple platform.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game definitely falls into this category. On paper it seems fantastic. In final form, it usually is a stinker. When Vivendi merged with Activision and Activision dropped the title from its publishing lineup, a red flag warning went up. This title might not be so good.

I am grateful that Atari is planning on publishing this game. It would have been a shame to see all this time and effort by the original actors go to waste. From the new trailer [see below] it appears that at least the cutscenes will live up to the film’s comedic and fun adventure qualities.

Please Atari, take all the time and money that you need to make this title AAA.

PS – Please find a new announcer. The voice actor in this trailer kind of sucks.

Ghostbusters’ ECTO-1 Tour

Sierra Entertainment – a division of Vivendi Games, today announced that one of the most iconic cars in Hollywood history, the Ghostbusters’ ECTO-1, is back and will be busting ghosts in a town near you! In conjunction with Sony Pictures Consumer Products and the eagerly anticipated Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Sierra Entertainment is taking the classic caddy on the road to give fans of the franchise a chance to experience this one-of-a-kind machine and the game first hand.

“The ECTO-1 is one of the most memorable and loved vehicles of all-time,” says Al Simone, VP of Marketing, Sierra Entertainment. “Sony has been a fantastic partner to work with and we’re very excited to have a hand in taking ECTO off the screen and out on the road – this way fans can experience a true piece of ghost busting history first hand as they get a taste of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.”

ECTO-1 will be stopping at several destinations across the U.S. throughout the tour, five of which are in partnership with the Boost Mobile Nightshift and Hot Import Nights events. Additionally, fans will have the chance to get up close and personal with ECTO-1 at Knott’s Scary Farm and the L.A. Auto Show later this year.

ECTO-1 Tour Schedule:

June 21 – Nightshift New York (Belmont Raceway; New York, NY)
August 9 – Nightshift Pomona (Pomona Fairplex; Pomona, CA)
August 29-31 – Penny Arcade Expo (Seattle Conv. Ctr; Seattle, WA)
Sept. 20 – Nightshift Pleasanton (Alameda Fairgrounds; Pleasanton, CA)
Sept. 27 – Hot Import Nights (Minneapolis Conv. Ctr; Minneapolis, MN)
Oct. 11 – Hot Import Nights (Dallas Conv. Ctr; Dallas, TX)
Oct. 15 – Nov. 1 – Knott’s Scary Farm (Knott’s Berry Farm; Buena Park, CA)
Nov. 19-30 – L.A. Auto Show (L.A. Conv. Ctr; Los Angeles, CA)

In light of ECTO-1’s tour to some of the hottest car shows throughout the country, Sony has taken the liberty to update the Ghostbusters’ ride with the latest and greatest Sony Xplod mobile electronics. ECTO-1 now sports a Sony XAV-W1 double din touch screen A/V center, Xplod XS-GT1625A speakers and an Xplod XS-L10S slim subwoofer – all the essentials to keep ECTO-1’s sound system on par with the rest of the ghost catching equipment found on the Ghostbusters’ primary mode of transportation.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is planned to release this Fall for the PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation 2 computer entertainment systems, the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Games for Windows, Wii home video game system and Nintendo DS, and is currently rated “RP” (Rating Pending) by the ESRB. For more information on Ghostbusters: The Video Game be sure to visit the official game web site located at: