WonderCon 2012: 20th Century Fox

At WonderCon on the third floor in the ballroom with roughly 3,000 seats, the larger more impressive panels took place.  All of these large scale Studio panels took place on Saturday. It was not uncommon for the Studio to hand out swag to the audience, mainly posters. This was the first year that WonderCon was able to screen movie trailers and footage in 3D, thanks to RealD.

The first of these hotly anticipated panels was 20th Century Fox, and they were there to promote and educate the Con about two of their big summer movies, both of which are being released in June, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Prometheus. Continue reading “WonderCon 2012: 20th Century Fox”

Is this the new Wolverine poster?

Screenrant is reporting what may be the first sighting of the poster for the new Hugh Jackman Wolverine outing, set in Japan. Appears someone spotted this poster in the office of the film’s director James Mangold and immediately snapped a pic and posted in to Instagram. The Instagram image is no longer available, but this cleaned up version is now spreading like wildfire.

The film’s reported Wolverine in Japan adventure is based on a series of comics written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Frank Miller in 1982.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – This Trailers Kicks Ass

For everyone out there that thought FOX destroyed the X-Men franchise, it looks like they are striking back with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. One of the most beloved characters from the film franchise, Wolverine stars in his own film. This origin story spans his lifetime and it looks awesome. We’ll see plenty of new mutants and Wolverine gets to fight them all. No, this is not X-Men 3. This is Wolverine.


20th Century Fox pulling bad reviews from YouTube?

20th Century Fox on YouTube

Now, I’ve come across pages on YouTube saying that 20th Century Fox has just acted like an ass and have taken off a video for copyright infringement (when it really was the case). But it turns out that movie leaks aren’t the only thing 20th Century Fox is pulling out. If this guy at The Movie Blog is right, then his negative review of the truly abysmal Reno 911: Miami may have been yoinked by ‘Fox.

YouTube sent him an e-mail telling him that 20th Century Fox doesn’t want that video on, due to copyright infringement. The guy, “John”, retaliates by saying that all the content he used in the review was from free trailers, the sort of stuff you don’t pay for, you know? He has not used pirated material in the review, and has hence, not infringed no copyrights.

20th Century Fox hasn’t yet talked about the matter, giving John ample time to spread the message that they are yoinking bad reviews from YouTube and so on. Is this the truth? Is a big, veteran corporation like 20th Century Fox capable of preying on us inferior, internet-obsessed weaklings just to keep reputation? Like hell they are.