Sony Teaches Reviewers How To Do Their Job

Wow, thanks Sony. It is just what I asked for Santa!

The guy up there is IGN´s own Greg Miller, that in his hands is a Lair Review Guide that Sony sent him and many that, like Greg, reviewed Lair. (coincidentally they all gave the dragon flying game a “bad” score)

This move by Sony is not only desperate and completly riduculous, but it is also kind of offensive to the professionals that are being told what to do like the problem is with them and not with Lair.

Visit The Rip-Off Museum

Talk about cheap

These guys at a website called Destructoid, or something, apparently write about games and give interesting web-suggestions.

Today one caught my eye: The Rip-Off Consoles Museum, or as it is officially named: The Pachimon game museum.

This website has a gallery of “pirate” consoles, manufactured without any permission, that run cartridges of famous consoles (in their majority they are “Famiclones” or “NESclones”, meaning they run Japanese and/or US versions of Nintendo’s first home console). Even though the museum is in Japanese you can still have fun with the cheap look of the machines and their stupid names.

Being a citizen of a third-world country (Brazil) I have seen many of these consoles on the streets, played a lot of them and even owned one or two, so I like to see the point of view of other countries on these things I have seen in 90% of the videogame stores I have gone to since I was born.

If you missed the two hyperlinks to the museum here goes another one.

Super Contra Giltch

So, the last I posted a Prince of Persia glitch video from my 360 here I got over twenty thousand views, seems you like it. You know what? Me too.

So, yesterday I had some friends over and while we were playing Super Contra we shot down the helicopter on the first level, then the animations kept on looping and nothing would happen, so I took out my video camera and the rest is here:

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Screwed Up Prince Of Persia Classic Glitch

As most of you know, this week’s Xbox Live Arcade release was the remake of Prince Of Persia, called Prince Of Persia Classic.

The game is awesome, I had the chance to play it a few weeks before it launched and loved it, so this Wednesday, one hour after it became available I downloaded PoP Classic. But, I was surprised by a weird glitch that keeps me from playing it.

As you can read in the video nothing seems to fix this and also, I have not heard about anyone else going through this (if you are out there speak up) so I find it hard that it will be a patch for the game that helps just me.

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UPDATE: An employee of Gameloft just called me, he just asked me a few questions about my Xbox and the game and told me they are working on fixing the game, but they have not been able to reproduce the glitch in anyway yet. They will contact me by email as soon as they have news on the glitch/fix. He contacted me because he saw the video on the internet, not because anyone from Microsoft talked to Gameloft or Ubisoft.

No word from Microsoft yet.


Marketplace Content Regionally Locked

Announced as a “feature” of the May ’07 dashboard update, the region lock for Xbox Live Market place content has started the lockin’.

Since last week many international users, who have US gamertags, have reported that they were met with the following message: This Content Is Not Available For Your Current Location. The above warning is shown for a wide array of downloads, all the content from the Video Marketplace, most of the game trailers and demos, downloadable content, such as the Gears Of War maps and even some Xbox Live Arcade games are locked.

The situation has really made a lot of users frustrated, as many of them live in countries where Microsoft’s online service is not offered at all.

[UPDATE]: Since yesterday (May 25th) the regional lock is no more, no one knows why and until when it will be like this, for now, lets enjoy.