Visit The Rip-Off Museum

Talk about cheap

These guys at a website called Destructoid, or something, apparently write about games and give interesting web-suggestions.

Today one caught my eye: The Rip-Off Consoles Museum, or as it is officially named: The Pachimon game museum.

This website has a gallery of “pirate” consoles, manufactured without any permission, that run cartridges of famous consoles (in their majority they are “Famiclones” or “NESclones”, meaning they run Japanese and/or US versions of Nintendo’s first home console). Even though the museum is in Japanese you can still have fun with the cheap look of the machines and their stupid names.

Being a citizen of a third-world country (Brazil) I have seen many of these consoles on the streets, played a lot of them and even owned one or two, so I like to see the point of view of other countries on these things I have seen in 90% of the videogame stores I have gone to since I was born.

If you missed the two hyperlinks to the museum here goes another one.

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