Screwed Up Prince Of Persia Classic Glitch

As most of you know, this week’s Xbox Live Arcade release was the remake of Prince Of Persia, called Prince Of Persia Classic.

The game is awesome, I had the chance to play it a few weeks before it launched and loved it, so this Wednesday, one hour after it became available I downloaded PoP Classic. But, I was surprised by a weird glitch that keeps me from playing it.

As you can read in the video nothing seems to fix this and also, I have not heard about anyone else going through this (if you are out there speak up) so I find it hard that it will be a patch for the game that helps just me.

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UPDATE: An employee of Gameloft just called me, he just asked me a few questions about my Xbox and the game and told me they are working on fixing the game, but they have not been able to reproduce the glitch in anyway yet. They will contact me by email as soon as they have news on the glitch/fix. He contacted me because he saw the video on the internet, not because anyone from Microsoft talked to Gameloft or Ubisoft.

No word from Microsoft yet.


3 thoughts on “Screwed Up Prince Of Persia Classic Glitch”

  1. My husband and I have also had the same problem with this game. We love playing it, however, we are getting fed up with playing and are starting to give up.

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