The Royal Wedding: William & Catherine – DVD Review

My Godmother is a hardcore fan of the Royal Family. She has collected memorabilia related to them ever since Princess Diana and Prince Charles became an item decades ago. Not since the wedding of Charles and Di on July 29, 1981 has there been a surge in interest in the Royal Family on a worldwide scale.

Yes, there have been plenty of tabloid stories, rumors, and innuendos regarding those who call Buckingham Palace home, but nothing has set the bar of interest and excitement as high as the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on April 29, 2011.

And now, so you don’t have to burn a hole in your DVR or TiVo, and in case you missed it, the BBC has produced this elegant and beautifully produced DVD that includes two programs that will be of definite interest to any Royal Family fan.

The longest of the two, of course, is the Royal Wedding. The two-hour special includes the arrival of the wedding party at Westminster Abbey, the actual ceremony, and the moments following William and Kate’s departure from Westminster, their return to Buckingham Palace, and their balcony appearance to wave at their future subjects.

If you just want to see the actual wedding, it starts about 42 minutes in and lasts almost an hour. The BBC does an excellent job of balancing the commentary with just letting the images speak for themselves. The whole event also has historical significance considering who these two newlyweds are, and the BBC documents it with both integrity and respect. If you love weddings, this is definitely one on the grandest of scales.

Also on the DVD is a fantastic documentary special, William & Kate: A Royal Engagement. I, personally, enjoyed this a lot more than the wedding ceremony. It’s filled with interesting facts and info about William and Kate and explores their journey from meeting while living in the same dormitory at university to the days leading up to their “I dos.” There’s plenty for Royal fans to sink their teeth into with this 50 minute special.

For the chance to own a piece of Royal history, I highly recommend The Royal Wedding: William & Catherine. It’s a definite must see!

The Royal Wedding: William & Catherine is available NOW on DVD!

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