Drive Angry Bluray Review

I haven’t seen a good drive in movie in years. Come to think of it I haven’t been to a drive in movie theater since the 90’s. But I would imagine that if I had gone to a drive in to see Drive Angry, I’d be very happy with the experience.

Drive Angry is very much so over the top with both its action and gore factor but unlike a lot of films that have this just for the sake of being over the top, Drive Angry has a reason. Nicolas Cage escapes Hell to seek revenge against a cult for killing his daughter and kidnapped her baby.

This story does feel a little stale as it goes on, but there’s still plenty of parts that are visually interesting.

Drive Angry unboxing:

This 1-disc special edition Bluray includes 3 special features: Access Drive Angry, audio commentary with filmmakers, and deleted scenes. There are two deleted scenes and both are pretty short and forgettable. Access Drive Angry is like a pop-up video where facts appear on the screen as you watch the movie and you can also jump to interviews with the cast and filmmakers. I’m never a big fan of extras that require you to watch the entire film again to access the content that you want.

I definitely enjoyed Drive Angry as a popcorn flick. This Bluray doesn’t come with that many special features though so I recommend that you rent it instead of buy it.

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