Epic Games’ Mark Rein Approves of the Apple iPad

Does that tasty new Apple iPad make you want to play Unreal Tournament right now? You’re in luck – you’re weird, but in luck.So Apple has finally announced their newest game-changing product, the Apple tablet, the Apple iPad – and if there’s one thing we can count on looking at Apple’s history, it’s that the iPad is most likely going to change the very landscape of tablet computing. But typing documents and stuff is for boring people. We gamers want our action big – like Epic Games makes it.

Mark Rein, the vice-president of Epic Games was spotted at the Apple iPad’s demo event and he approves of the iPad, being impressed in particular by the iWork apps and the screen. Asked about the scope of gaming on the little device, he says,

“I was very impressed with the game demos,” Rein said. “I was surprised how good they were considering they only had a few weeks with the device. I think iPad will be great for gaming and I suspect we’ll see many games that make use of the differentiated form factor of the iPad.”

This makes for some interesting food for thought. What would you think about gaming on a tablet computer? The whole tablets-are-obscure argument will most likely be bunked, since this is Apple we’re talking about. The inherent touchscreen nature should make strategy and management games beautiful to play – yes, I’m referring to you few people who play the Europa Universalis games. First-person shooters, not so much. But really, would you consider buying the iPad if it had great game support? Or conversely, if you had one in your hands right now, what sort of games would you want to play on it?

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