Apple iPad announced

After months and months of speculation it has finally been announced, the Apple tablet. In short, it’s a big iPod touch. There are some additions, like a microphone, a compass, and speakers, but beyond that there’s not much new. The iPad comes with a 30-pin dock, a speaker, a microphone, bluetooth, an accelerometer and a compass.

The iPad itself is not as expensive as some of the rumors I’ve heard, but not nearly as cheap as the iPod touch either. Six models, either Wifi-only or 3G enabled with memory sizes of either 16($499), 32($599) or 64($699), with an additional $130 on top of that for the 3G service. Unlimited data plans for the iPad are available through AT&T for $29.99 but there is no required contract.

With all of this there are some smart things. All apps for the iPod touch and iPhone are available for download on the iPad, regardless of it they’re set up for it. Those iPhone apps can run in their intended size, or upscaled to fill the entire screen.

Truth be told, I’m not impressed. Like I said, it’s a big iPod touch, and another product they’re going to AT&T for 3G service. It looks like it moves quickly, but apps don’t seem to run concurrently and lacks anything that really makes it very unique. The lack of a camera also really makes it obvious that early adopters are going to get burned soon.

If you’re interested in the iPad then expect the Wifi model out in 60 days, and the 3G model in 90.

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