LucasArts Files Trademark For “Star Wars: Legends”

StarWars_TheOldRepublic_fight-thumb-550x310-18861Is it one of the games to be announced at this year’s Spike TV Video Game Awards?

Lucasfilm Entertainment Company, best known as LucasArts to common men has registered a trademark for an upcoming video game titled “Star Wars: Legends”. While nothing very special comes out of this news, we do know the title of the new Star Wars game, which is most likely the same one scheduled to be revealed at the Spike TV Video Game Awards 2009.

So what is this game about? The title is fairly generic, but it also teasing at epicness. When I think of a Star Wars legend, I think of Darth Vader. And that can be nothing but pure win. What could a “Legends” game be? An action title, preferably one involving lots of lightsaber-swinging sounds the most logical conclusion, so we sure hope that we’ll be swinging around as Vader chopping limbs and telling people who their father is (hint: it’s him).

Come to think of it, a Darth Vader game built on the base of Batman: Arkham Asylum would be extremely epic. I loved AA’s smooth and seamless combat gameplay. There would be nothing more badass than adding a lightsaber and machine-assisted breathing sounds to that. Somebody get modding already, goddamnit!

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