Machinarium to Get Boxed, Retail Release

machpcIf you haven’t bought the game yet, there’s no better opportunity to.

Machinarium, one of the year’s most beautiful games has had a limited reach with its downloadable-only status. Not anymore! Next year, Amanita Design’s creative masterpiece will get its own boxed copy, the cover of which is visible above. The publishing will be handled by the relatively unheard-of Mamba Games, and it will be found in stores all over America and Europe (with bootlegs sporadically appearing everywhere else).

The game won’t ship alone in the box, it will include a walkthrough, an A3 poster, an art book and a copy of the game’s soundtrack, which, composed by Tomas Dvorak, is absolutely bee-yoo-tee-full. No word on if the subsequently released free tracks will be included or not, but they’re free any way.

I stress again: Machinarium is a game worth buying. With its incredibly detailed and beautiful art, whimsical storyline and masterful puzzle adventure gaming, Machinarium is great for anyone with the remotest interest in point-and-click adventure games (who are over the age of 3, according to PEGI).

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