Quake Live to get Premium Subscription

Quake Live

No don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds. You can still get fragged like nuts for free!

According to John Carmack, technical director at id, the in-game advertising model didn’t quite work out in Quake Live. Why? It isn’t making enough money. So the bigwigs at id have come up with a new plan: Premium Subscriptions. Wait, they’re making Quake Live an MMO-ish game?

Not quite. Carmack makes it clear that the whole game will never go pay-for play. The Premium Subscription­ will be used to host your own servers. Having a server, private and all to yourself is something Quake Live lacks at the moment, and I think that a premium subscription would be an excellent way to generate revenue off of that.

Don’t look at me though, it was id’s idea. I used to have an account at Quake Live too, but I eventually quit. There’s just way too many hardcore fraggers out there for a noob like me. 🙁

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