Microsoft to Reveal “Exciting Project” at Comic-Con


What does Microsoft have in store for us?

Kotaku reports that an invite from Microsoft was sent out, saying that there’s going to be an announcement at Comic-Con. And we’re not talking some boring, schmaltzy announcement, no sir, this one will be an “Exciting Unannounced Project”.

Still not excited enough? Here’s the big shocker: the project ties in with one of Microsoft’s top franchises. Woah wait, what does that mean? Halo? Gears of War? Or even better, Age of Empires?

Of course, knowing Microsoft, this could very well be Flight Simulator or Train Simulator as well, but still, I’m pretty sure they know what the word ‘exciting’ means. Driving steam engines in Scotland is not exciting, dad. Besides, they wouldn’t announce that at Comic-Con where could be pelted with stones for pulling shit like that.

Also, could this be related to the ever-popular-discussion-topic Project Natal? Are we seeing Project Natal actively entering a franchise in the near future? Sounds unlikely to me, of course, but still.

So I suppose it remains to be seen what Microsoft is really upto. Though of course, I’d rather they quite the goddamned console franchises like Halo and Gears and War and give us PC gamers some RTS love with Age of Empires already.

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