Project Natal Can be Used on Windows!


Straight from head honcho Bill Gates himself, we learn that Project Natal can be used for more than telling British kids to do their homework.

Project Natal needs no introduction. We’ve all the seen the video of a blonde in a red-sweater and Milo, Peter Molyneux’s strange little project. Combining the mysterious powers of voice recognition, motion detection, voice synthesis and possibly satanic magicks, we have Project Natal.

And here’s the shocker: Project Natal isn’t a snazzy Xbox 360 extra, no- it can be used on Windows! Details are sketchy (as always), but we know this straight from Bill Gates himself that Project Natal can be used on Windows and Microsoft has some innovative ideas lined up like…

Meetings and collaborations. No really, that’s exciting. You just go on with Microsoft Natal Office 2013 there while I’ll be at, doing what Natal should be doing.

Apart from talking to British tweens invented by Peter Molyneux.

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