Kane & Lynch 2 To Be Titled “Dog Days”


Jeff Gerstmann unavailable for comment.

This little trademark here tells me that the sequel to Kane & Lynch will be titled “Dog Days”, the complete title being “Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days”. The title was of course, registered by Eidos.

The game itself is expected for release next year, and we don’t know anything about the game either, so you’re going to have to hold on to your horses (whatever the phrase means) till we do. It should be out for all the consoles the original was out for, i.e. PC, 360 and PS3, but you never know.

There’s also a movie coming out, its rights were bought by Lionsgate. It’s still in pre-production and while we don’t have any concrete info on it, we’ll keep hoping that this one is the great game-to-movie-adaptation messiah.

Okay, maybe not.

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