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Christian Bale American Psycho

Ever since we heard Christian Bale was attached to Terminator 4, we knew the film had some major potential. Regretably Bale had a ‘small’ incident while filming that has leaked out onto the internet.

At first listen, Bale’s profane rant seems to come out of nowhere. As with most recorded media, this audio clip has been taken slightly out of context. Acting is a very emotionally heavy job. Bale is a method actor that throws himself literally into the world and the character. In one take, cinematographer Shane Hurlbut walked into Bale’s line of sight, which interrupted Bale from fully being able to immerse himself in the scene.

If you’d like to hear the audio clip click here. It does contain uncensored explicit language.

A visual representation of the clip can be found below:

Here’s a techo remix. It’s brilliant:

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