FOX’s Dollhouse – January ’09

[Update 12.15.08: Click here for’s interview with Amy Acker about Dollhouse.]


Following the Fox upfronts for the 2008-09 US television season the promotional trailers
shown to advertisers have started to appear on the net. For most this means a few quick
30 second trailers with actor names and coming soon. In the case of the midseason show Dollhouse from Joss Whedon there is much more.

Covering several minutes the youtube video is a full length trailer explaining the show from the Buffy, Angel and Firely creator. What’s even better is the show has Buffy and Angel actors including Eliza Dushku (pictured) and Amy Acker.

Just as with the Fringe trailer youtube has had to remove the link we where provided
with however a quick search on youtube should provide another link for you.What does this mean for you? It means you can watch the trailer for the next Joss Whedon cancelled by Fox show and get a taste for Eliza Dushku early. Not bad really for most. For those who are not familiar with the actor’s names Eliza played Faith in Buffy with a few cameo’s in Angel. Amy Acker played as Fred in Angel.

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  1. I think she’s completely hot! She’s a pretty good actress too and I think we’ll see that come out if she ever gets a part in a decent movie!

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