Flash Gordon, yet again.


 Sometimes remakes are announced which have come around so many
times they not shocking at all in their announcement but also in their content.
Flash Gordon, the almost century long franchise which has been remade
so many times it’s impossible to count will be remade yet again.
While the Sci-Fi channel has not yet announced if they are going to renew
or cancel their Flash television show currently running another version
has been announced.

This time a feature film to be released in 2010 and has a very familiar plot.
American football player Flash Gordon and his girlfriend go to a planet
called Mongo ruled by a nice chap called Ming. If it didn’t come across
the nice chap bit is sarcastic. While what’s considered the real movie
with the soundtrack by Queen is nothing short of a camp classic having
yet another retelling so soon is not a good thing.

It shows that there are less and less new stories coming through Hollywood
and not many producers willing to take a chance on something which
has not been told before.

What does this mean for you? Just like the other remakes announced
it could mean a great movie to watch with lots of action and fantastic
characters. On the other hand it could mean lots of bad ideas coming
across. What it means for certain is a PR campaign of massive size with you
being bombarded with adverts and promos all over the net for the next few years.

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