Eminem almost starred in a GTA movie; We thank heavens


Variety, on their new video game blog have revealed that there were actually plans to make a GTA movie; a revelation quite horrid in itself. But even worse, Eminem was planned to be cast in it, probably because of his spectacular performance in 8 Mile and his utterly brilliant singing and rapping abilities.

Hollywood always looks for the flashier and the more popular when it comes to picking games to adapt to movies. So yes, games with groundbreaking storylines like Dungeon Siege, Far Cry and such make for great movies. Then again, maybe it’s best that the good games are not seen by Hollywood.The GTA franchise is one of the industry’s most treasured franchises purely because of controversy. San Andreas made mainstream news for its despicable, violating and horrific potential to be modded to include a pixellated, optional sex sequence. That alone made GTA a household name and everyone knew it.And Hollywood would love it! It’s got cars, cars crashing, crime, guys in da ‘hood, sex, hookers, rapping – hell, it’s perfect. All you need is Eminem, and we have a perfect movie! And Hollywood did chase Rockstar and Take Two to get the movie rights for the game series. Rockstar was reluctant to this at first, but because of some other reasons, the rights were sold.

A movie starring Eminem in the lead and based on GTA is pretty horrid, to say the least. Video Game Movies are inherently bad, and can sometimes cause damage to the game franchise’s sales as well, not to mention reputation. Thankfully, this movie that was almost finalized was cancelled at the last moment. I began to belive in God from that day on.

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