Super Mario Galaxy MIA


Ah, E3 and Internetz, spilling the beans for as long as I can remember. Seems like Nintendo may have some big announcements in store for Super Mario Galaxy.

Our very own David Rodriguez discovered today that Super Mario Galaxy has mysteriously vanished from Nintendo’s master list of games on their company website. You can go check it out yourself right here. I would have just posted a screen shot for you guys, but this worthless PC I’m borrowing doesn’t have MS Paint, let alone a photo editing app. Thanks for nothing, Danny!

This is suspicious news in and of itself, but considering that video game mega-con E3 is just around the corner, we here at SWL are willing to bet they’re planning to drop a bomb or two. Perhaps a street date, maybe even a new name? Wasn’t Super Mario Galaxy a working title?


Now even Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is missing in action…

8 thoughts on “Super Mario Galaxy MIA”

  1. They often remove titles from the master list when they are going to be dated. It’s also not unusual for them to take weeks to do the update.

  2. It is clear that Nintendo took down the game because they are going to make some announcement of it at E3. Most likely after the conference on Wed. we’ll see either a new date or new title appear up on the site.

  3. It would be awesome if they dropped the games altogether. It would definitely save from all the complaints by game critics and the like both will receive come the time of their launches. Stupid critics.

  4. No! Don’t drop my Prime! Oh, and don’t change the name either…

    And what are you talking about? No one’s going to be complaining about Metroid, especially not from what I’ve seen.

  5. Nah they can’t drop Mario! Critics have loved this game so far. I regret not playing it at last years E3 but the lines were too long to bare!

    I hope Prime will have a great story to back up the gameplay. #2 improved greatly on that aspect but still was a bit lacking.

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