Twisted Metal PS3? If so, why?


Above, we have an image of a mushroom cloud produced by what appears to be a powerful explosion. On closer inspection, however, you’ll find that plume of smoke resembles a clown’s face, and there is a Playstation 3 logo tucked neatly in the bottom right corner. Coincidence?

The image was created by Fredrick Sameul, an advertiser and graphic designer. Although no official information exists at this time, many believe the visage above represents none other than the most ridiculous boss character of all time, a hell-bent clown in a rocket-fitted ice cream truck named Sweet Tooth.

Sweet Tooth proved to be the most enduring character in the Twisted Metal series, beginning as a lowly combatant and later being promoted to final boss while the roster around him shifted wildly. The image above looks absolutely nothing like Sweet Tooth, but his appearance changes so much from game to game it wouldn’t be hard for me to believe that’s supposed to be him.

Anyone who ever played the PSX should be familiar with Twisted Metal. The pinnacle of vehicular combat games in it’s heyday, Twisted Metal was Mario Kart‘s battle mode having a meth-induced, heavy metal nightmare. Most fans, including myself, agree that the series peaked during the sequel, Twisted Metal 2, but at least four other Twisted Metal games followed, each more disappointing than the last, until the series was all but forgotten with the early PS2 release Twisted Metal: Black Online.

If the above image is indeed a teaser for a PS3 Twisted Metal then why, oh why, Sony, can’t you just let Sweet Tooth end his blood-drenched reign with dignity? So many other series have had every last bit of life rung from them. I’m still living on the memory of countless hours of Twisted Metal 2! Don’t make it obsolete. Don’t do that to me.

Prince loves his fans, Music industry not having it


Prince, the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as… Prince, has once again angered the entire music industry, this time by distributing his brand spankin’ new album FREE with the purchase of a British tabloid magazine known as the Mail. The album, Planet Earth, will be packaged with Sunday’s edition of the Mail, priced at $2.80.

Prince has drawn harsh criticism across the entire music industry for his latest stunt. As we already know, the music industry is in the toilet facing rapidly declining CD sales. Not content to just rip fistfuls of cash from the hearts of fans, the biz has decided universally that they can’t afford a single artist to give away their work. This is being considered a “major blow” to the industry overrun with overpriced works from gimmicky boy- and girl-bands of all colors, genres, and levels of sucktitude.

Sony BMG UK, Princes’s local label, has cancelled their own sales release of the CD in Britain, saying it would be “ridiculous” to pursue it’s own sales launch there, but adding that they are still “delighted” to be working with Prince.

“The Artist formerly known as Prince should know that with behavior like this he will soon be the Artist Formerly Available in Record Stores,” said co-chairman of the Entertainment Retailers Association, Paul Quirk, “”It is an insult to all those record stores who have supported Prince throughout his career.” He added that the deal was “yet another example of the damaging covermount culture which is destroying any perception of value around recorded music.”

A covermount is a CD or DVD attached to the front of a magazine or other publication as a sort of pack-in bonus. The practice is common in Britain in an effort to combat declining publication sales, but they are usually compilation albums or samplers. Prince’s Planet Earth contains new music, as well as some classics, like the song Purple Rain. The Mail on Sunday declined to say how much it paid to secure the deal or how many copies of “Planet Earth” it planned to sell. Its average circulation is 2.3 million copies.

A publicist for Prince’s record label said he wasn’t doing interviews

International sales launch for “Planet Earth” is July 16, and the U.S. launch is July 24. Prince also plans to give away “Planet Earth” with each ticket sold for his 21-date London concert later this summer.

But the controversy doesn’t end with Prince!

Read more for the story on retail turncoats and my thoughts on this fiasco.

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E3 2007: New PSP, Sony Press Conference


Sony unveiled a new PSP model during their press conference that is to be 33% lighter, 19 % slimmer, load games faster, utilize battery power more efficiently, and output high quality video to your television. That’s right, play your PSP on your TV screen!

The new PSP is scheduled to ship September 2007, available in classic piano black, but also in two new colors. Ice Silver which will be rolling out with a Daxter game, memory stik duo, and the Family Guy “Freakin’ Sweet” collection, and the Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade Squadron Pack, a white PSP with Darth Vader’s image on the back and packaged with Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade for $199.99