More digging on Cloverfield throws up new photo, half-baked forum

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The two photos, as of right now.

I’m a sucker for viral marketing campaigns. I spent a whole night chasing one particular campaign several months ago (the end result of which frustrated me). Well, “Cloverfield” is one interesting campaign and it has absorbed me. Again.

Following a link from a commenter, I found a related site (which was up for quite some time, as a bit of research pointed out). The site can be found here. To summarize, it just says “The Parasite” with a couple of links below and a “sponsor” link below that (I’ll get to it real soon). There is also a countdown which will end at August 1st (which, if you remember, is the date ‘Van’ mentioned). Now, the second link leads to the “Ethan Haas was right” place.

The second site released around the same time Ethan Haas did, but I missed it, apparently. The site showed a photo of a two women looking in shock at something. Now, nightowl3090 has posted a series of analytical breakdowns about Cloverfield. He suggests that the two womens’ images, if merged can form a perfect woman – with a bit of a problem at the teeth. He also talks about a possible “organic” thing in the background.

The second image, which I’m guessing was recently posted shows a bit of the party seen in the Cloverfield trailer. Looks pretty much like an average party pic, with the words “We’ll Miss” in the background. What I find creepy about that image is that guy (gal?) at the far right.

Read on to find out how a crappy forum figures into the grand scheme.

Mysterious Forum

At the bottom of the Parasite site, we see a link to a “sponsor”. This link takes to a cheesy, ’90s-esque forum that appears to be built on vBulletin. The forum is about something called a “Tossing Game” with several variations included. The forums are recently founded and there are not a whole lot of users. What is strange is that there tons of posts with no replies – obviously a fabricated site. That, plus the fact that despite the site being so new, it uses almost ancient web design.

I’ve tried registering there, and it’s impossible to. The forum shows up an error during “activation”. What is the most interesting is, of course, this thread (which is, coincidentally the most popular thread in the “Campfire” board). The posts sound credible, but are obviously written by somebody paid to do it.

The action starts with a user “rhialto” asking about a lost friend called Ethan Haas, whom he hasn’t talked to in years. That’s right – asking about a lost friend in an obscure, anachronistic forum dedicated to some “tossing game”. He receives confused replies at first, followed some more info.

Well, I’m not sure how much detail I should go into. Ethan and Van were a couple guys I knew who had some weird ideas about environmentalism and the future of the planet. I didn’t pay much attention, but things seem to be going the way they said. Now I can’t find either of them. I remember vaguely that Ethan said he had a cousin near St. Louis who was into industrial waste cleanup named Steve King or something like that. I was sure that Steve here was the guy, but now I really don’t know.

Observe some more, and you’ll find that most users there don’t have more than dozen posts, except Steve (the admin) who has made hundred of posts (and dozens of unreplied threads).

The content on the forum is changing as you read this, with new posts coming up frequently. The second-to-last post here though, is rather intriguing.

Matthew 12:36 “But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. – NIV” 1-18-08……..

Thanks, Sheila.

11 thoughts on “More digging on Cloverfield throws up new photo, half-baked forum”

  1. I was able to register for the forum. :mrgreen:

    Haha, when it says error… just login and the next screen will say “enter activation key.”

    But the activation key will already be entered so you just have to click activate. and Wa Laaa. You’re registered.


  2. If you do a bit of digging you will see this site is related. -> -> Haz-waste is allegedly where “Steve King” works.

    At first I thought this was fake but if you go to one of the forums is “Giant/Monster games”. So I dug deeper. Go to the about forum and you will find Steve King deals with hazardous waste – starts getting interesting. Giant Monster + hazardous waste. The forum tells us Steve works in St Louis – so a bit of googling turned up the site. That site looks very fake, I’ve tried e-mailing but got no reply.

    Is there someone based in the states that can try ringing the phone number and see if anything comes up?

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  6. This look interesting,so far.
    If there’s anyone else here, let me know.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


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