Botcon 2009 – My Experience

Botcon 2009

Exploding on to the scene back in 1994….wait back it up ten years… Exploding on to the scene back in 1984, The Transformers, a named as coined by a young, fresh 24 year-old exec named Jay Bacal, was first released as a four issue limited series by Marvel Comics. Continue reading “Botcon 2009 – My Experience”

The Transformers: The Complete First Season 25th Anniversary Edition DVD Announced

THE TRANSFORMERS: The Complete First Season 25th Anniversary Edition DVD

If I could transform, I wouldn’t want to transform into a DVD. Nonetheless this box-set doesn’t looks shiny. Continue reading “The Transformers: The Complete First Season 25th Anniversary Edition DVD Announced”

Transformers Season Two: In 150 Words!


Autobots battle Decepticons in an anime style world. Autobots are allied with humans and the police. Both robot parties are after the ALLSPARK. Some young girl holds the key, literally, to helping the Autobots succeed against all things evil.

Silly, uninteresting, and dull, this is a definite pass for any fans of the old-school cartoon or the Michael Bay film. While an overarching story exists throughout the entire season, it’s hard to believe kids would care at all about the issues facing the Autobots.

This is one animated series not worth the time or money. Wait for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen coming this year. You’re time and money will be better spent. I know that’s my plan.

Transformers: Animated – Season Two gets a metal bending C. ‘Cause if you bend a metal pipe, that’s the shape it makes. Or a V, but that’s not a letter grade for something.

Transformers Animated: Season One DVD Review

Before I start this review I feel I must warn the reader that I do in fact have a bit of a personal bias, as I’ve been one of the most avid and devoted fans of the Transformers universe/franchise since 1985 (coincidentally, the time of my birth…).

Yes, I am one of those people who was even partially responsible for getting that disgusting piece of filth made by Michael Bay (whose only redeeming qualities were it gave Peter Cullen, the original voice of Optimus Prime, his props and well deserved big screen return, and that it got a proper release of the original 1986 film on DVD).

Continue reading “Transformers Animated: Season One DVD Review”

Michael Bay to leak false info on Transformers 2, is being an ass

Screenshot from Transformers

As if Michael Bay bitching about not doing Transformers 2 wasn’t enough, he is now determined to wrestle innocent fanboys and movie news sites. Bay told Rotten Tomatoes that he has several fake scripts which he is going to leak “all over the place”. Since fans will never know that these are fake, they will be confused and Bay will be one happy boy. There is already one out, see if you can catch it.

I fail to see the genius in revealing that you’re releasing fakes if you ARE releasing fakes. Since people are going to know that the copy they hold is a fake, there isn’t going to be as much hype and viral marketing for the movie. If Bay is NOT leaking anything, but is lying in this article, then I label him a genius.

Bay goes on to boast about how he got the writer of The Ring to join the crew and how the story is going to be good, just like the first was. So, Transformers fans, here’s my advice to you: If you see a fantastic Transformers script, a brilliantly written, a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime script, you know it’s a Michael Bay-approved fake and doesn’t have a chance of being the actual movie.