Microsoft Steps on Xbox Live Silver Members

The disadvantages of being a Xbox 360 Xbox Live silver member have outrageously grown today! Microsoft has revealed that silver members will now have to wait an extra week after a demo has been released an Xbox Live before they can download it!

This is ludicrous. As an Xbox Live silver member, I want me demos on time. I do not want to pay extra to receive content that should be free!

Demos give me evaluations as to whether or not I want to purchase a game. Microsoft is hurting the industry by making gamers wait an extra week to download the demo.

The video game industry was going on such an amazing streak of success with stealer games being released this year, but these past couple of weeks have just outrightly sucked.

It’s time for gamers to take back their industry!!!

Massive BSODs sighted in Toronto, apprehension grows

Toronto Blue Screen of Death
Click on image for link to larger image, if you haven’t guessed yet.

Software glitch my ass. I’ve (like many others of my kind) have known that Blue Screens of Death are tangible, electronic aliens that will one day enslave humanity, and Microsoft is just a front for them. And yes, Bill Gates is actually green and has five tentacles and sucks brains out. Ballmer is of the same race.

Their crusade against humanity was fairly veiled until now, but it appears that they are willing to declare full-fledged war. As you can see in the image above, Blue Screens of Death have invaded Toronto, terrorizing the populace and causing global fear. According to news sources, these have lasted for days. Civilians have been advised NOT to negotiate or communicate with these aliens, as they could be heavily armed. Pray for the people of Toronto, and report your nearest BSOD to the local authorities.

Remember, humanity’s future may lie in your hands.

[Via Gizmodo]

Xbox 360 IPTV

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is the wave of the future. On January 7, 2007 Bill Gates announced how Microsoft will bring Television to Xbox 360 users, not through downloads but through live feeds. The Microsoft TV IPTV Edition is set to be available this holiday season and will give users an alternative route to watching TV.

Imagine being able to throw away your DVR/cable box, not paying for your Cable TV service, and seeing every channel in digital format as well as high-definition. That’s the promise that IPTV brings. While Microsoft isn’t the only company working on IPTV technology, Microsoft is well ahead of the pack because it’s install base for Xbox 360 users is already over 10 million worldwide!

While it isn’t clear how Microsoft will distribute this service, if it’s a free download on the Xbox 360 – why wouldn’t you use it? As a suggestion for Xbox 360 owners who want IPTV, you might want to purchase Xbox 360 Messenger Kit. Isn’t it easier to search for a show by literally typing it in rather than selecting the on screen text?

IPTV is only one part of Microsoft’s overall vision of creating the “Mediaroom.” Microsoft’s Mediaroom will bridge the gap between home computers and the living room Television, expanding upon the current Windows Media Center software.

The only company that’s close to bringing IPTV to the home is Apple. Similar to the Xbox 360, the Apple TV can grab photos and videos. So far though the Apple TV hasn’t been that great of a success. Right now there’s no major advantage to owning the Apple TV simply because it doesn’t do anything outrageously unique.

Rumors have surfaced saying that Apple will release its IPTV product/software sometime in 2008. As with any product, Apple tries to be as innovative as possible. But how can you innovate in a sector that has yet to be widely tested?

Every electronic manufacturer realizes that the future of the technology industry is convergence. Hopefully these software giants know that consumers want their content no matter the platform it was purchased or added onto. The service that’s going to succeed is the service that provides it all, in an easy to use system.

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