Saw V Poster looks Impressive

Saw V Teaser Preview

…but we’re sure that the movie will be far from impressive. Repulsive, maybe, but definitely not impressive. It amazes me how poster artists of such calibre are still working with Saw. Maybe it makes money. I dunno who goes to see Saw when all you need is a good ’80s slasher horror flick, maybe a snuff. Still, there’s this teaser poster below. Click it.

The guys at Latino Review asked Tobin Bell, who says:

“I, of course, enjoyed it. It was a rough 3 hours of work but I wanted to make sure I keep the Jigsaw legacy alive through these vibrant, gross and scary pictures. I know everything must come to an end, but I’m hoping the writers can keep coming up with scary poster ideas. Why stop at just five, right? Hopefully one day they will make a movie fleshing out the horror of these wonderful 24 X 36 posters.”

Oh yeah, definitely: the writers are ace when it comes to devilish torture ideas. I’d wager that they were given a copy of Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom instead of fairy tale books when they were kids.

All in all, I like the subtlety of this one. I didn’t get it at first: I thought it was just Jigsaw’s body until I saw the edges of the “mask”. Suddenly, the face just doesn’t look the same. And that creepy Saw feeling comes alive within you. Of course, we have no doubt that the movie is going to be a lot less subtle than that.

Hit the poster below for full size:

Saw V Poster