New Comic Releases for Wednesday 9/21/11

10) Star Wars Jedi The Dark Side #5 of 5 (Dark Horse Entertainment)
Writer: Scott Allie, Artist: Mahmud Asrar

The Final issue in this mini series, I have come to actually enjoy the adventures of Qui-Gon Jin beyond what little I have come to know of the character from the dreadful Episode One flick. Sad to see this series go but I have high hopes for big action and a nice send-off that hopefully leaves the door open for Scott Allie to come back and tell us some more!




9) Avengers #17 (Marvel Comics)
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Artist: John Romita Jr.

Hawkeye gets it in! Well, the cover sure does imply that. Fear Itself is still going strong and the end cannot come soon enough despite some solid stories in tie-ins such this current series arc. If the internets are to be believed then I am one of the very few Hawkeye fans out there and seeing a new turn in this character’s fictional life has been long overdue since what we have seen since his return has just been reactions to other events (with one big exception during Dark Reign).




8 ) Green Lantern Corps #1 (DC Comics)
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi, Artist: Fernando Pasarin

I want to see Tomasi take more of a leading roll in this series rather than seemingly following along with Johns’ grand vision and there is nothing better than a new #1 to give this idea a chance. I have no idea what to expect with this series like many of the other new DC #1’s but I will always give The Corps a chance.




7) George R.R. Martin’s A Game Of Thrones #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)
Writers: George R.R. Martin & Daniel Abraham, Artist: Tommy Patterson

I know nothing of this franchise beyond what I have seen on HBO but that is reason alone for me to give my money to Dynamite just to hold me over until the new season begins. Dynamite has proven track record of delivering amazing adaptions and I expect this to be no different. Look for what worked in the show to be found here as well as hopefully a little something different to give it a unique voice.




6) Star Trek #1 (IDW Publishing)
Writer: Mike Johnson, Artist: Stephen Molnar

Building off of the Abrams reboot universe, this series is something that I hope gives both longtime and new fans something to enjoy as we explore the fresh universe in advance of the second film. Hopefully we will see a synchronization between the two mediums rather than an adaption or something that does not officially count in the film’s mythos.




5) Batman #1 (DC Comics)
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Greg Capullo

Rich kid’s parents die leaving him billions and he DOESN’T blow it all on cocaine and strippers? Welcome to Gotham! Just kidding. But seriously, Scott Snyder, I hope that you can deliver the beat-down of the week in this series. I know this book is #5 on my list but that is a precaution. My expectations for this are high!




4) X-Men Schism #4 of 5 (Marvel Comics)
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Alan Davis

Cyclops and Wolverine throwdown as evil little kids make the humans throw all the robots they have at the mutant race. I know that this all ends with the upcoming X-Men event that has all of the teams choose one side or another but I really want to know what causes this. Here is to hopefully seeing that cause in this issue.




3) Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine #4 of 4 (Marvel Comics)
Writer: Jonathan Maberry, Artist: Laurence Campbell

What can I say? Maberry has delivered a hit that deserves more praise that it is currently receiving. This is the final issue of the prequel series to his previous Marvel Universe vs The Punisher (in store now!!!) so we should see a little something of how that world came to be. I really hope this is not the end but the second series in at least a trilogy. Sad to see this go :”(




2) Red Hood And The Outlaws #1 (DC Comics)
Writer: Scott Lobdell, Artist: Kenneth Rocafort

Jason Todd is leading a band of outlaws! I LOVE JT. Not kidding. I got into DC right when he returned and was instantly hooked. Scott Lobdell is the writer on this so I am a little worried since almost every writer with the exception of Winnick has not given this character a proper portrayal but this is one of those characters where I read it for that and not the creative team behind it.




1) Ultimate Comics X-Men #1 (Marvel Comics)
Writer: Nick Spencer, Artist: Paco Medina

After a long absence, the Ultimate version of the X-Men are back! Now that the world is aware that mutants are in fact a byproduct of American scientific engineering and not natural evolution expect the feces to hit the bladed rotational device. This is my pick of the week over so many amazing titles because of the creative team behind it. Spencer is an alright bloke I guess but his comics game is tight. I trust this guy as a creative mind to deliver something entertaining.






Full Release List

Batman #1
Birds Of Prey #1
Blue Beetle #1
Captain Atom #1
Catwoman #1
DC Universe Presents #1
Green Lantern Corps #1
Justice League #1 (Jim Lee 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Justice League #1 (Jim Lee 3rd Printing Variant Cover)
Legion Of Super-Heroes #1
Nightwing #1
Red Hood And The Outlaws #1
Supergirl #1
Tiny Titans #44
Wonder Woman #1
Young Justice #8

DMZ #69
Fables #109
Hellblazer #283
Northlanders #44


Anita Blake Circus Of The Damned The Scoundrel #1 (of 5)
Avengers #17
Avengers The Children’s Crusade #7 (of 9)
Captain America #3
Captain America Corps #4 (of 5)
Daredevil #4
Fear Itself #4 (2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Fear Itself Fearsome Four #4 (of 4)
Fear Itself The Home Front #6 (of 7)
Fear Itself Uncanny X-Force #3 (of 3)
Fear Itself Youth In Revolt #5 (of 6)
Generation Hope #11
Heroes For Hire #12
Hulk #41
Invincible Iron Man #508
Ka-Zar The Burning Season #4 (of 5)
Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine #4 (of 4)
Moon Knight #1 (Alex Maleev 3rd Printing Variant Cover)
Moon Knight #2 (Alex Maleev 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Moon Knight #3 (Alex Maleev 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Spider-Island Cloak And Dagger #1 (of 3) (Mike Choi 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Spider-Island Cloak And Dagger #2 (of 3)
Spider-Island Deadly Foes #1 (One Shot) (Stefano Caselli 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Spider-Island Spider-Woman #1 (One Shot)
Thor Goes Hollywood #1 (One Shot)
Thunderbolts #163.1
Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #2 (of 4)
Ultimate Comics X-Men #1
Uncanny X-Men #543
Vengeance #3 (of 6)
Wolverine And Black Cat Claws 2 #3 (of 3)
Wolverine Punisher And Ghost Rider Official Index To The Marvel Universe #2
X-Factor #225
X-Men #18
X-Men Schism #4 (of 5)


Darkwing Duck #16
Planet Of The Apes #6
Snarked Halloween Mini Comic 2011
Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #12

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth Russia #1 (of 5)
Conan Road Of Kings #8
Dark Horse Presents #4
Guild Clara (One Shot)
Scary Godmother Halloween Mini Comic 2011
Star Wars Jedi The Dark Side #5 (of 5)
Star Wars Knight Errant Deluge #2 (of 5)

Boys Butcher Baker Candlestickmaker #3 (of 6)
George R.R. Martin’s A Game Of Thrones #1
Green Hornet #18
Kevin Smith’s The Bionic Man #1 (Dynamic Forces) (Alex Ross Exclusive Virgin Variant Cover)
Kevin Smith’s The Bionic Man #2
Vampirella And The Scarlet Legion #4
Zorro Rides Again #3 (of 12)

Cobra #5
Done To Death GN
G.I. JOE Cobra Civil War 100-Page Spectacular
Pound GN
Star Trek #1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2
Transformers #26

All Nighter #4 (of 5)
Artifacts #6 (of 13) (Michael Broussard C2E2 Exclusive Variant Cover)
Darkness #90 (Tony Shasteen ECCC Variant Cover)
Darkness #93
Mysterious Ways #3 (of 6)
Near Death #1
Red Wing #3 (of 4)
Samurais Blood #4 (of 6)
Teen Wolf Bite Me #1 (of 3)
Walking Dead Weekly #38
Witch Doctor #3 (of 4)


Cavewoman All Natural Special Edition (One Shot)

Gobs #2 (of 4)
Gold Digger #132

Casper’s Scare School/Strawberry Shortcake Halloween Mini Comic 2011
Richie Rich #4

Fraggle Rock Halloween Mini Comic 2011

Archie Double Digest #222
Laugh Comics Mini Comic 2011
Sonic Universe #32

Wulf #3

Broken Pieces #1
Executive Assistant Lotus #3 (of 3)
Fathom Volume 4 #2
Mindfield #6
Soulfire Volume 3 #4

Unforgiving #1

Bart Simpson Comics #63
Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror #17

Comic Shop News #1266
Comic Shop News Fall 2011 Preview

Armed Garden And Other Stories HC
Art Of Joe Kubert HC
Donald Duck Halloween Mini Comic 2011
Love And Rockets New Stories Volume 4 TP
Man Who Grew His Beard GN
Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010 HC
Prison Pit Volume 3 GN

Zahra’s Paradise GN

Spontaneous #4 (of 5)

Doctor Who Insider #6

Damaged #2 (of 6)

Judge Dredd Megazine #314

Kite Runner GN

Stuff Of Legend Jesters Tale #2 (of 4)

Star Wars The Clone Wars Magazine #7
Star Wars Insider #128 (Special)

Back Issue #51

Brimstone #5
Grimm Fairy Tales Inferno (One Shot)


New Comics On Sale 9/14/11

The second comic day in September has arrived and here is a complete list of everything schedule to arrive in stores on Wednesday, September 14th. Click HERE for last week’s releases and HERE for a review of select titles from 9/7/11.

Mario’s Top 10!

10) Night Of The Living Dead Death Valley #4 of 5 (Avatar Press)
Writer: Mike Wolfer Art: Dheeraj Verma

What happens when a group of young adults travel the desert? Zombies of course! Avatar’s several Night of the Living Dead series have been my guilty comics pleasure for a while now. There is something about seeing C-Level horror staples of absurd gore and nudity wrapped around a not-even-semi-plausible plot printed out on paper that reminds me of the horror movie marathons I enjoyed with my friends several years ago.




9) Amazing Spider-Man #669 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Dan Slott, Art by Humberto Ramos

Who is it in Horizon labs that is an expert on Parker DNA? Will Peter come straight with Carly? Why is The Jackal such an ass? I hope all of these questions find answers as Spidey’s largest solo arc in years rolls on.






8 ) Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
Written by Joss Whedon, Andrew Chambliss, Art by Georges Jeanty, Dexter Vines

I was never into this show at all. I know a lot of the isms as well as the inside jokes from the other people in my life as well as my trips to conventions all over the world but I can say that I was not a fan. Not for any particular reason, it just wasn’t for me. I will try this book though. Why not? A new “season” so I’ll come into the story fresh and I think I was more interested after hearing about who the identity really was for last “season’s” Twilight Killer.




7) Moon Girl #4 of 5 (Red 5 Comics)
Written by Tony Trov & Johnny Zito, Art by The Rahzzah

Old school adventure meets modern pizazz in this fun but wrongfully overlooked series as it comes to its close with one issue to go. This book is PERFECT for the non-traditional comic fans who are interested in the big time fun and the retro novelty found in the books of yesteryear where the cheese came in daily.





6) Fear Itself #6 of 7 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Matt Fraction, Art by Stuart Immonen

I was really excited for this series but the build up of the bad guy has gone on too long. Other series with tie-ins to this series have already moved on! I think this issue we finally get a payoff for out patience and that is why it is my #6 choice of the week. My rating for the next (and final) issue of this series all depends on what I see from this chapter.





5) Mystery Men #5 of 5 (Marvel Comics)
Story by David Liss, Art by Patrick Zircher

Marvel’s back-in-the-day epic comes to a conclusion as this hidden chapter in the 616’s history plays itself out. I have enjoyed this series but they are not fooling anyone if they don’t think we know at least one sequel is coming. I really like the use of retro technology and the use of what they thought technology of the future would be like during the 50’s.





4) Green Lantern #1 (DC Comics)
Written by Geoff Johns, Art by Doug Mahnke

Wait, so Hal Jordan isn’t even the Green Lantern in this issue? And Sinestro is? An interesting, yet predictably temporary turn of events as this series tries to recapture the magic found in the high octane run that was The Sinestro Corp War. I wonder what changes, if any, will be made to the series in this new DC Universe.





3) Red Lanterns #1 (DC Comics)
Written by Peter Milligan, Art by Ed Benes

I have been a long time of the Red Lantern Corp since their debut a few years ago and I have big hope for where their solo adventures will take them. I wonder what Peter Milligan will do to help move these characters out from under the shadow of Green Lantern to give his run a truly unique voice and not just another title unable to be all it can be because it is under Johns’ oppresive direction.





2) Daredevil #3 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Mark Waid, Art by Paulo Rivera

The last issue ended with what I can assume were trace echos of sound based baddie Klaw trapping our hero in a Klaw shaped machine that they are building. That was one hell pf an interesting ending in my book and I am excited to see how it progresses as the opening arc of Waid’s adventurous take on Daredevil rolls on.





1) Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Brian M. Bendis, Art by Sara Pichelli

After the death of Spider-Man and all of the media hype from Ultimate: Fallout I have been excited for a long time on the series’ new direction. While I will miss the old supporting cast as much as Peter Parker himself though I predict we will soon see Mary Jane make herself known to new Spider-Man Miles Morales in her new role as a journalist.



The Full List of Releases for 9/14/2011

All-New Batman The Brave And The Bold #11
Batman And Robin #1
Batwoman #1
Deathstroke #1
Demon Knights #1
Frankenstein Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. #1
Green Lantern #1
Grifter #1
Legion Lost #1
Mister Terrific #1
Red Lanterns #1
Resurrection Man #1
Suicide Squad #1
Superboy #1

American Vampire Survival Of The Fittest #4 (of 5)
Scalped #52
Unwritten #29

__________________________________________________ __________

All-Winners Squad Band Of Heroes #4 (of 8)
Alpha Flight #4 (of 8)
Amazing Spider-Man #669 (Humberto Ramos Regular Cover)
Amazing Spider-Man #669
Black Panther The Man Without Fear #523
Captain America #1 (Steve McNiven 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Captain America And Bucky #620 (Mark Bagley 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Criminal The Last Of The Innocent #4 (of 4)
Daken Dark Wolverine #14
Daredevil #1 (Paolo Rivera 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Daredevil #3
Deadpool #43
Fear Itself #2 (of 7) (Stuart Immonen 4th Printing Variant Cover)
Fear Itself #3 (of 7) (Steve NcNiven 3rd Printing Variant Cover)
Fear Itself #6 (of 7)
Fear Itself #7 Poster (Promotional Item)
Fear Itself Hulk Vs Dracula #1 (of 3)
Fear Itself The Monkey King #1 (One Shot)
Ghost Rider #3
Herc #7
John Carter A Princess Of Mars #1 (of 5)
Journey Into Mystery #627
Mighty Thor #4 (Olivier Coipel 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Mystery Men #5 (of 5)
New Avengers #16
Punisher #1 (Bryan Hitch 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
PunisherMAX #17
Spider-Island The Amazing Spider-Girl #2 (of 3)
Stand The Night Has Come #2 (of 6)
Super Heroes #18 (Marvel Adventures)
Supreme Power #4 (of 4)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1
Uncanny X-Force #15
X-Men Legacy #255

__________________________________________________ __________

Lady Death Origins Annual #1
Night Of The Living Dead Death Valley #4 (of 5)

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser #5
Ducktales #4
Farscape #23
Space Warped #3 (of 6)
Stan Lee’s Starborn #10

Baltimore The Curse Bells #2 (of 5)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #1
Criminal Macabre No Peace For Dead Men (One Shot)
Doctor Solar Man Of The Atom #8
Dollhouse Epitaphs #3 (of 5)
Star Wars Invasion Revelations #3 (of 5)
Star Wars The Old Republic The Lost Suns #4 (of 5)
Turok Son Of Stone #3

Green Hornet Year One #12
Living Corpse Exhumed #2 (of 6)
Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time The Eye Of The World #12
Sherlock Holmes Year One #6 (of 6)
Warlord Of Mars #9

Anne Rice’s Servant Of The Bones #2 (of 6)
Dungeons And Dragons The Legend Of Drizzt #2 (of 5)
G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #170
Jurassic Park Dangerous Games #1 (of 5)
True Blood Tainted Love #6 (of 6) (J. Scott Campbell Exclusive Cover) (Dynamic Forces)

27 Second Set #1 (of 4)
Artifacts #2 (of 13) (Michael Broussard NYCC Variant Cover Signed Edition)
Artifacts #5 (of 13) (Whilce Portacio Top Cow Store Black & White Variant Cover)
Gladstone’s School For World Conquerors #5
Infinite #2
Infinite #2 (Deluxe Edition)
Li’l Depressed Boy #6
Magdalena #1 (Nelson Blake II C2E2 2010 Signed Variant Cover)
Mice Templar Volume 3 #5
Pigs #1
Severed #1 (Attila Futaki 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Severed #2
Super Dinosaur #4
Walking Dead 2012 Calendar
Walking Dead Weekly #37
Witchblade #139 (Michael Gaydos Signed Variant Cover B)

__________________________________________________ __________

Cavewoman All Natural Pinup (One Shot)
Cavewoman Snow #3 (Budd Root Special Edition)

Battle For The Planet Of The Living Dead

Awakenings GN

Betty & Veronica Double Digest #194
Jughead #209
Life With Archie #13

Dellec #6 (of 6)
Executive Assistant Orchid #3

Tell-Tale Heart And Other Stories GN

Sergio Aragones Funnies #3
Simpsons Comics #182

Comic Shop News #1265

Optic Nerve #12

Armed Garden And Other Stories HC
Art Of Joe Kubert HC
Man Who Grew His Beard GN
Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010 HC
Prison Pit Volume 3 GN

Heavy Metal Volume 35 #7 (November 2011)

Discord GN

Bonnie Lass #1 (of 4)
Moon Girl #4 (of 5)

Amulet Volume 4 Last Council SC
Drawing From Memory HC
Star Wars The Complete Saga SC
Wonderstruck HC

CLiNT #10
Hardware The Definitive SF Works Of Chris Foss HC
Star Wars Insider #128 (October 2011) (Special) (Newsstand Edition)
Star Wars The Clone Wars Magazine #7 (October 2011)
Wizard Of Id Dailies & Sundays 1970-1971 HC

Korgi Volume 3 A Hollow Beginning GN

Fly #4

The Pull List: Comic Book Reviews for 9/7/11

Another comic day has descended upon us this past Wednesday and she was a big one filled with MANY titles that I was excited about. Here is a full list of all the new comic released in stores on 9/7/11 as well as my reviews from last week’s releases.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Big Lie (Image Comics)

Story & Art by Rick Veitch

As a proud New Yorker who has spent my entire adult life with the taint of 9/11 I could not rightfully let the upcoming tenth anniversary pass by without making a mention of it in one way or another. When I first read this comic I had mixed emotions. Veitch had crafted a thought provoking tale of a Nobel worthy scientist who has gone back in time to save her husband from dying in the fallen towers, but was met with the type of real world skepticism that such a claim would provoke. Even as the various people in the room began to (slowly) connect the different aspects of what she was saying to the possibility that she is legit they all seemed more focused on her iPad than they were in the upcoming doom. The final scene was a fitting but expected ending with a shocking twist that was foreshadowed earlier in the dialog (and it’s not what you think).

The art is good too considering the story is all dialog until the very end scene. The story are very driven by what is going on in the dialog rather than the panels but the different characteristics feel human and familiar to real life. The destruction shown in the iPad was a mixture of iconic photos/footage and original angles as far as I can tell but it was not too obscene or glorified in any conceivable way.

The Bottom Line – I have read several papers and theories on what was behind this event and I admit that every once in a while I look at what the conspiracy theorists have to say, even entertaining the possibilities that what they say may add up. I say this because Veitch had brought up every question I have ever had through the voices of the men in the room who use logic to try and figure out what kind of a sick game is being played on them as they ask well crafted questions and eventually reach the answers themselves through various means. This book is damn good but because of the nature of the story it is not for everyone. I guarantee this will piss people off but it is done in such a great way that I feel it is THE must read of the week. B+

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Boys #58 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Written by Garth Ennis, Art by Russ Braun

How do you bring down a superhero? Do you, A) confront him head on with some elaborate scheme? Or do you, B) Release a scandalous sex tape of him going to town  with a load of tranny hookers? If you chose B then you might be Garth Ennis! This issue was all character moments as The Seven discuss the repercussions of this public revelation and The Boys contemplate what the next hit will be as they prepare for the possible reciprocation brought upon by their actions. Also, Hughie does a little bit of extra curricular learning by digging into the Homelander’s history which unearths some twisted information. The ending looks  promising but I have seen this cliffhanger before and was disappointed. We’ll see though.

Any artist who teams with Ennis must know what he is getting himself into. Braun does a great job at delivering on this task too! The trannies look mannish, the Hughie looks as overwhelmed as usual, and The Homelander comes off even more pompous than usual. Also, I LOVE the way he depicts Butcher’s bulldog, Terror. That dog has visible personality.

The Bottom Line – This series has gone on long enough that an issue like this where not much action is present still provides entertainment. Much brickwork is being laid for the future of the series and it’s (what I assume/hope) explosive conclusion. It is still not to late for newbies to catch up with this series via trades then join the rest of us via floppies on the day of release! C+

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The Red Skull #3 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Greg Pak, Art by Mirko Colak

The head on collision of historic fact and character fiction that is this series finally comes to its boiling point in this issue as Johaan Schmidt and the Nazi party become one. Focusing on the communist party protests in Germany shortly after Hitler came into power, Johaan is forced to make some tough decisions between his “friend” and the boss that he works for. The interesting part to me is that neither of them suspect that he would turn against them all in the blink of an eye should it further his own means. The subtly of his deception is something that really hammers home who this kid truly is and foreshadows who he will be.

I enjoyed the artwork for this issue. It blended perfectly with the script and did not overpower the words on the page. The period clothing and style were represented loyally and the architecture looks like it was faithfully adapted from the history books.

The Bottom Line – This series is a fun read for longtime fans of Marvel Comics but the nuances of the character can be lost on those who are not. This story is reminiscent of Magneto: Testament in that for the most part they are strong World War II stories that only take a twist into fiction when the end approaches. I would go as far as to say that this could in fact be the opposite end of a bookend when coupled with Testament as one shows a young man’s struggle through the Holocaust and this one shows how a young man became a ruthless Nazi. Greg Pak is the Spielberg of comics. B-

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Terminator/Robocop Kill Human #2 of 4 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Written by Rob Williams, Art by PJ Holden

When a man-sized killer robot tells me that I have to come with them and have ten seconds to comply you bet your ass I am going to do as told. Starting off with a trip to the past this series took an unexpected turn (for me at least) directly into the events of Terminator 2 and what happens from there is magical.  When I first went into this series I had a feeling that I was going to be entertained but after this issue I admit that I am excited for issue three on a level that I usually reserve for birthdays and nights out with the guys. Rob Williams, you have done your homework on these franchises and it shows. The big references and even small nuances instantly highlighted without taking away from the pacing in a perfect marriage of playing to the established crowd and putting forth an amazing story that can draw new fans in.

The art department is no slouch either. There is something truly special about seeing a man unexpectedly being ripped apart from within by one of the Terminator’s signature time travel spheres. PJ Holden is genius in his effort to bring this rare sight onto the paper in the manner that he did. His action shots are full on cinematic too. I especially love his take on the famous scene from T2 where Arnold is just laying into the police with suppressive fire.

The Bottom Line – I was a bit surprised by this issue. In a week with relaunched DC titles and Marvel’s Spider-Island I did not expect this to be my book of the week but I have to give credit where it is due. THIS IS MY PICK OF THE WEEK!!! A-

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
True Blood The French Quarter #1 (IDW Publishing)

Written by Mariah Huehner & David Tischman, Art by David Messina

There is a mystery killer on the loose staking vampires and Eric Northman is not going to put up with this sh*t any longer. The story starts out strong with Eric, Sookie and Bill investigating a murder in The Big Easy when the dearly departed is found with a Fangtasia matchbook on his person. Although I know this does not fit in with the present continuity of the show AT ALL it is still fun to see how Sookie deals with her desire for three men (Alcide is the third man). With the popularity of the show (and novels) I feel that this series is the start to a wonderful new medium in which die hard fans can get their fix of the characters in between the

The art felt a bit too “Land”, almost exactly traced at some points, but when there out countless images to draw reference from and when the likeness of the actors is not just desired but expected then that leave little to no wiggle room for artistic interpretation. Not that Messina is bad, quite the opposite actually. I enjoyed his work very much but when I showed by girlfriend who is not really a comic book fan she was a little distracted by how realistic the characters facial expressions were.

The Bottom Line – A strong opening with a hint of mystery and an explosive ending, this issue iss what I hope the show would be like sometimes. I thought the last series with the tainted True Blood drinks would be hard to top but it looks like we have another winner here. A

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Swamp Thing #1 (DC Comics)

Written by Scott Snyder, Art by Yanick Paquette

Picking up right after the events of Brightest Day this series does not seem to have changed much from what was set up in the recently deceased iteration of the DCU. I am very interested in where this is going since apparently Swamp Thing and his former human host, Alec Holland, exist as two separate entities and like an ex who just wont take a hint, the swamp keeps calling to Holland who just wants to live a normal life. Also, what’s the deal with the new bad guy monster thing and its twisted head followers?

I have been following Paquette’s career for a while now and I feel that this is his best work. He really nails down the freaky foliage and redefines “turning heads” with his work.

The Bottom Line – Typical first issue right here. Don’t get me wrong, it is interesting and entertaining but with the intention of introducing the characters to new readers much of the page count is spent trying to balance this with story progression. Since it did build off of Brightest Day with minimal changes I feel a little more comfortable in jumping into this but I hope for a pay off to hold my attention B

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The Lightning Round!

Here is a small number of the other books that were released this week and how I quickly rate them.

Animal Man #1 (DC Comics)

I honestly had no clue what to expect when I cracked this issue open. I have never read a solo Animal Man title before and even my limited exposure to the character only goes back to what I have seen in the pages of 52 but in keeping with the mindset of trying out new things I picked this up without a second doubt. I was glad that the story was not too heavy on the character’s back story and everything you need to know about him is revealed upfront. There was what I assume is a new development at the end setting up something big. The art was a little funky but I really dug many of the shots that were used and the dream sequence was different from what is seen in a typical “Big Two” book. B+

Men of War #1 (DC Comics)
When I heard that Sergeant Rock was being folded into the new DC I was curious as to how this iconic World War II military character would work in Superman’s world. The issue starts out with a bang and then immediately flashes back to give us the story of how we got there (very over done these days I feel). Aside from a very small but world changing cameo from a shadowed meta, this issue was a pure military story and was an enjoyable update to this oft overlooked character. Oh, and the cover is f*cking awesome! A-

Batgirl #1 (DC Comics)
This was my pick of the week during our new releases post. I still want to see why Barbara Gordan can walk again! They made mention to her handicapped time and her fear of ending up like that again is VERY realistic, so much so that she freezes up and second guesses herself during the worst possible times. I am happy with this issue, it is a strong introduction to what I hope is a memorable story arc. B

Batwing #1 (DC Comics)
As much as I love Judd Winick I almost did not finish read this book because of the strong action packed intro followed immediately by a “__ weeks earlier” flashback right when the action got really juicy. I am sorry but this is an overused practice in comics today that I have seen five times this week alone. Once I put that aside I enjoyed the rest of the issue but I was tainted from my initial response. B-

Cobra #4 (IDW Publishing)
I will never be Cobra Commander. I have come to realize this, but that does not stop me from enjoying the journey other candidates are taking to gain the title. The body count continues to rise as it is Major Bludd’s turn to do some damage. I think he is my favorite of the group since he is the most down to earth. A-

Irredeemable #29 (BOOM! Studios)
I really hate the Plutonian. He is kind of a really big dick, all destroying Earth and what not. Then he went away and the Paradigm started getting things back together but now that he is back it has all gone to hell. What does he have planned though? I really hope for an answer soon. Oh, and survivor has yet ANOTHER brother? Interesting. C+

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Graphic Novel Of The Week:
Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot (Fantagraphics Books)
An adaption of the classic novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette, this story was awesome! Taking place in the ’70’s, hit-man Martin Terrier is looking to retire but keeps finding himself being dragged back to the job. I don’t want to ruin the story for you guys but as a noir fan I was very pleased by the outcome and was very happy to have had this gem recommended to me or I would have missed it.






IDW Publishing Breaks Into iBooks!

This is big news for the comic industry! IDW has just announced a deal in which their content will be made available directly through Apple’s iBooks service, making them the first major comic publisher with such an offering . Previously IDW’s books were made available digitally through providers such as ComiXology and iVerse in which you could purchase individual issues as well as collections, or numerous standalone apps for various series and titles (as shown below) created to take advantage of iTunes’ search function.

A deal such as this could potentially open IDW to a larger audience than ever before with impulse buys via the “Featured” section of the program. Apple has built a reputation of being a king maker whenever it features anything in one of its commercials, be it song, movie or app, and I would love to see this record include comic books.

Imagine this; the next generation iPad commercial just started and there is the device against a solid white background. As the narrational finger swipes across the screen, highlighting the device’s various functions in sync with a reassuring voice over, we momentarily stop on the cover for True Blood: All Together Now via iBooks. As the commercial moves on half a second later that ever so brief screen time could potentially drive a large amount of customers to purchase the book for themselves. In a time when the industry is looking at ways to bring in new readers an official Apple nod might be just what we need.


IDW is currently focused on using this format to distribute longer-form graphic novels and collections with hopes of bringing in new readers in the same way book retailers such as Barnes and Noble has. While the release schedule for upcoming titles are not directly tied to when we may see them in comic shops, there are a few titles books as Code Word: Geronimo that will see day and date release on iBooks to maximize its exposure as IDW continues to look toward the future of the industry and how fan consumption will evolve.

If you are not an iBooks customer or do not own an iOS device then don’t worry. IDW will continue to work with technology partners on distribution for iOS and Android apps, Sony devices, Nokia devices as well as the web. Also, content will remain available for purchase through these methods and pricing will be as closely consistent as possible throughout all outlets. Just consider this as another way for you to get the stories that you love.

Check out the official press release below for more information!

IDW Graphic Novels Debut on Apple iBooks

First major comics publisher to offer iBook graphic novels and comics
for the iPad™, iPhone®, and iPod touch® !!

[iBook Shelf]Continuing to lead the charge of digital comics, IDW Publishing, a leader in digital comics, proudly debuted today the first large collection of comic and graphic novel titles ever available within Apple’s iBooks store. As the first major comics publisher to offer significant content, IDW’s initial iBooks entrée features nearly twenty complete graphic novels, including award-winning books and works by best selling prose authors.

This one-of-a-kind launch kicks off with CODE WORD: GERONIMO, which is launched simultaneously in iBooks and in print. An original graphic novel detailing the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound by SEAL Team 6, CODE WORD: GERONIMO is expertly written by military insider Captain Dale Dye (USMC, Ret.) and Dr. Julia Dye, Ph.D., and offers the amazing, moment-by-moment inside story of the clandestine raid that rid the world of this terrorist mastermind.

“IDW’s graphic novel line is a perfect fit for iBooks,” stated Jeff Webber, IDW’s director of ePublishing. “While our various comic storefront apps, such as IDW Comics, TRANSFORMERS Comics or Doctor Who Comics, are extremely popular with experienced comics readers and fans of those brands, having this significant presence in iBooks will help readers discover creators and titles, much the same as browsing in major book retail chains.”
[CodeWord: Geronimo]
IDW’s rich catalog of top prose authors and comics creators is especially suited for iBooks. Fans of IDW writers such as Joe Hill, Anne Rice, Max Brooks, Peter S. Beagle, or James Patterson can now find IDW graphic novels right next to their respective prose releases. Award-winning creators like Darwyn Cooke and his acclaimed  adaptations of Richard Stark’s Parker books and the first installment of the BLOOM COUNTY: THE COMPLETE LIBRARY are also included in IDW’s diverse iBooks line.

The IDW launch has something for all ages, from classics like Eric Shanower’s OZ series for younger audiences, and Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s best-selling LOCKE & KEY series for mature readers.

“Our internal technology team, led by Lorelei Bunjes, has put a huge effort into developing a great reading experience for iBooks,” Webber continued. “We’re very proud of the team’s efforts to create a quality experience.”

The initial lineup includes the following titles:
[Witch & Wizard]•    Code Word: Geronimo
•    Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library 1980-1981
•    Locke & Key Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft
•    Locke & Key Vol. 2: Head Games
•    Locke & Key Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows
•    Locke & Key Vol. 4: Keys to the Kingdom
•    Parker: The Hunter
•    Parker: The Outfit
•    Star Trek: Movie Adaptation
•    Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Movie Adaptation
•    The Last Unicorn
•    Little Adventures in Oz Vol. 1
•    Dead Space
•    Dragon Age
•    G.I. Joe: Hearts & Minds
•    Witch & Wizard: Battle for Shadowland
•    The Murder of King Tut
•    True Blood Vol.1: All Together Now
•    The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures

Visit to learn more about the company and its top-selling books.

The Pull List: Comic Book Reviews for 8/31/11

Ready for a quick look back at this past Wednesday’s releases? It was (thankfully) a small number of releases compared to the past god knows how many weeks due in part to DC only releasing two titles. To see a full list of books that were released this week please click here.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
ZORRO RIDES AGAIN #2 OF 12 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Written by Matt Wagner
Art by Esteve Polls

Starting out with a heart to heart conversation, this issue of Zorro does a great job at giving the characters some more depth rather than relying heavily on the swashbuckling action filling in a little bit more of where the story is headed. Matt Wagner’s grasp of the characters really shines through in these dialog scenes, although the touches of Spanish seem a little forced at times but that can easily be overlooked by the average reader. The pacing of the story is top notch and the ending really seems to lead on that something big is coming in the next issue.

Another item I would like to highlight is the artwork by Polls. His art was crisp and clean. I am afraid to say that I was previously unaware of his talent before, his style is reminiscent of Howard Chaykin (To me at least). His attention to detail with full backgrounds is wonderful and even the non-action dialog scenes are rendered well with thoughtful angles and appropriate close-ups. But his power lies in the action shots where everything on the page seems to draw your eyes to the key motions and gestures in a very subtle manner. I will say that Esteve Polls is someone to watch out for in the future.

The Bottom Line – This is a strong chapter in this series and I am very interested in seeing where we are taken as the comic progresses. I would suggest that fans of the character or even adventure in general at least pick up the trade if not the single issues.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Written by Dave Gibbons, Joe Pruett, John Arcudi
Art Scott Hampton, Tony Harris, Brenadan McCarthy

The fourth and final issue of an anthology series celebrating the pulp hero, this issue does not let us down! Kicking things off with a classic beach robbery story, then bringing us to an underwater U-Boat battle all before wrapping up with a aerial chase between two rocket propelled individual, this issue is an epic representation of the amazing comics as told in yesteryear.

It has been a long time since I have had this much fun reading a book. Living in an age of comics where story lines go on for literally years as they blend from one event to the next to the next like a long running daytime soap opera it is rare to see a story that has a beginning, middle, and end all within the confines of a single publication (let alone three in one issue!) AND maintain it’s entertainment value. The writing is easy to follow, the humor is clean yet fun, and the main character is happy-go-lucky.

The artwork in each tale has a carefully crafted innocence reflecting the time period depicted in the original series as well as the modernist style of today’s creators. It is that perfect blend of retro and contemporary that raises my enjoyment as I go from page to page absorbing as much of the beautiful renditions as I can.

The Bottom Line – BUY BUY BUY! This is big adventure, big fun, and big value featuring several top tier comic creators. Oh, and money generated from the sales go to hairy cell leukemia research. Seriously, this is a good book that raises funds for a good cause, what is not to like?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Flashpoint #5 (DC Comics)

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Adam Kubert

Well, it is finally here. The end of the DC Universe as I came to know it. Again. Johns has been a big name around the comics world for a bit but I have seen this before so I was a little unimpressed with the issue over-all. Individual scenes were spectacular though, don’t get me wrong. The revelation of how this world came about? Genius. The touching moment between Barry and his mother? Thought provoking. The final scene with Barry talking to Batman? Emotional. The parts were great, but knowing what came afterwards soured the experience for me.

Story aside, Kubert delivers as always. As much as his glorious splash panels and pages fill up much of the issue to show off action or key moments, the dialog is often reduced to a number of talking head panels piled up on a page but that has more to do with Johns’ script style than Kubert’s art. Sandra Hope is also noteworthy in this issue in that her inks over Kubert’s pencils really stands out with the deep blacks and shading depth added to each page.

The Bottom Line – This is how a universe dies; with a whimper, not a bang. Truth be told I had no idea what to expect when I opened the covers. I knew it was not going to be an ending in that this issue is the direct catalyst for the “New 52” that DC is pimping hard lately, but that was pretty much it. It was decent, I will give it that. I was vaguely reminded of the last “world shattering” event that was headed by Johns in Infinite Crisis but I enjoyed that immensely while this, well, it could have been better if “studio notes” weren’t so noticeable and, I am assuming, were forced onto the creative team from the higher-ups.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The Rinse #1 (BOOM! Studios)

Written by Gary Phillips
Art by Marc Laming

When I first heard about this new crime series I admit I was automatically interested. Anyone who knows me will agree that I am a very big fan of the gritty, realistic noir comics so it should come as no surprise that The Rinse appears on my radar. What DID catch me off guard however was the one dollar price point for the introductory issue. It is very rare to get anything for a buck, let alone an entertaining high caliber book such as this. The book focuses on a street smart, baseball obsessed wise guy money launderer and what he goes through to avoid the heat. The narrative is something straight out Casino and the action is very street level. You can tell that research was done just to get the aspects and lingo of the business right. Top shelf stuff right here.

The art was a bit of a surprise since most comics like this are heavily in black and white! Nothing wrong with color, just a little unexpected is all, but it was a nice touch. The scenery is amazingly laid out to the point that I feel there might have been more than one trip to certain San Fransisco spots just to get the art perfectly represented.

The Bottom Line – For a dollar I admit that this book is worth the gamble, and not just because I am partial to the genre. BOOM! is a company that is known for seeking out high level projects to bring to shops and this comic is no different. Buy this for a buck while you can because I sense a second printing coming up once the word gets out.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Incredible Hulks #635 (Marvel Comics)

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Paul Pelletier

The final chapter in an outstanding series as headed by Greg Pak, this issue had so many markings of an ending I thought it was one of the many DC titles that just wrapped up! Lots of guest spots as the team make their way back from the Dark Dimension to throw a beating at a gamma infused Fing Fang Foom. Predictably the good guys win but what little power remaining in the centric “wishing machine” is used to give the supporting cast the Gamma Squad the power to transform from human to powerhouses at will AND retain their smarts in either form. While the issue was not perfect it was fun as hell to read, especially the nice drive Betty and Bruce go for at the close of the comic.

Pelletier’s rendition of Marvel’s Green Goliath was straight up monstrous! The bulky frame style he used was perfect for the story. Though I would have liked to see more background in some of the more energetic moments he more than made up for with the attention to the location in the post action desert scene.

The Bottom Line – This issue was an alright ending to Pak’s run. The pacing is smart and the action is big when present, but with a blockbuster like The Hulk I would have expected something bigger, or at least longer. It was nice seeing the cast get sort of reset in a sensible way for the next creative team to come in and take the series for a spin, as if his run was like a rental car. I would say to check this out in a trade format if possible.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Justice League #1 (DC Comics)

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Jim Lee

Welcome to One Year Later The New 52! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Okay, so here it is finally and all I could think as I flipped through the luscious pages by Jim Lee was “yawn”. There is only so far that expertly drawn depictions of the dark knight in a rooftop chase spread over seven pages can go, especially when those same seven pages contain a total of seventy nine words, a majority of which are on the first page! Things got more interesting as Green Lantern arrived on the scene but since this was more of a “first meeting” between the two it felt like a large introductory moment than a team-up which could come back and alienate fans of all different periods of length. All of that aside, there is one item of interest to me at least and that is the damn mystery woman in the hood who is apparently popping up everywhere starting with Flashpoint #5.

The art by Jim Lee is the art by Jim Lee. Much like the shark he has remained unevolved in his style because he hasn’t had to change a thing since his X-Men days. He is the industry standard when it comes to big action shots and this issue is no different. Seeing him draw Batman sequentially again makes me wish that the Frank Miller series he was on got a few more issues but I’ll take what I can get. The redesigned costumes are not as noticeable nor as big of a deal as others have lead on.

The Bottom Line – Despite all of the hype I was not that impressed. From cover to cover this has the typical first issue stereotypes all over it. I guess I was hoping for something more in line with Grant Morrison’s New X-Men #114. I do expect big things from this series as the next two or three issues come along but for an opening issue it had failed to floor me like we all hoped it would. Like I said, since this is a first issue I will look for the next one before I build a permanent opinion.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The Lightning Round!

Here is a small number of the other books that were released this week and how I quickly rate them. The rating system I will be using will be ranked as:

New Release – This book is the bee’s knees. Buy this comic as soon as the issues arrive in the store!
TPB – It is okay. If you are vaguely interested then wait for the trade paperback or hardcover.
Bargain Bin – Almost a total pass that I would only touch just so i could move it out of the way in the cheap bins.

Uncanny X-Force #14 (Marvel Comics)
Back to back weekly issues is something I enjoy a lot. It cuts down on the amount of time that could lead readers to lose excitement and the way the last issue ended left me wanting more and soon. The team is now back in the 616 Marvel Universe from a trip to the Age of Apocalypse and they are greeted by the Archangel and his squad of horsemen. The issue ends with Archangel and Genocide making their mark as X-Force lay beaten. New Release

Invincible #82 (Image Comics)
After reading this issue I automatically started to wonder just what new kinds of crazy Kirkman has planned for this series in the future. There were many seeds planted in the story such as Invincible looking at more peaceful solutions instead of fists and Robot being offered, and accepting, a position to monitor all of the heroic efforts headed up by Cecil and his crew. Very interesting stuff indeed. TPB

The Mighty Thor #5 (Marvel Comics)
Silver Surfer vs Thor! Galactus vs Odin! This issue started out with an all out brawl and Galactus blew his lid! As the battle comes crashing down to earth the focus shifts to Loki and The Destroyer robot-statue-thing. The final addictive moments show what happens when a normal man puts all fear aside to involve himself in the world of the gods. New Release

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Collected Edition Of The Week:
Thunderbolts by Ellis & Deodato Ultimate Collection (Marvel Comics)
Collecting the previously two volume run in one binding, this is a phenomenal story reaching into the villainous psych of a team filled with “reforming” criminals. Spinning out of Civil War, the team headed by Norman Osborn are tasked with hunting and incarcerating unregistered super humans. Although in single issue form this series took FOREVER to come out it is still one of my favorite story lines, especially when you read this before jumping into Dark Avengers, also drawn by Deodato.

One key item of note for this is the series is that it led me to recognize the awesomeness of Marko Djurdjevic and the amazing covers that he shortly began pumping out for the entire company on a regular basis. The cover art alone is an amazing testament to the power of this series and often enough the images were powerful enough make it my PC’s background month after month. This book collects THUNDERBOLTS #110-121 and material from CIVIL WAR: THE INITIATIVE.

New Comic Releases for Wednesday 8/31/11

As the DC Universe both comes to a close and begins a new and Marvel unleashes an infestation of spiders onto Manhattan another Wednesday is almost upon us and it is heralded by a list of everything that is scheduled to arrive on sale at your local comic shop this week. Also, click here for a list of last week’s releases and reviews.

NOTE: Because of Hurricane Irene certain stores may not receive their scheduled inventory by Wednesday.

Mario’s Picks Of The Week!

10) INVINCIBLE #82  (Image Comics)
Written by Robert Kirkman, Art by Ryan Ottley

After the Dino adventure, look to this issue to be a bridge or down time leading into the next story. Still one of my favorite and most consistently entertaining comic series, Invincible is big time fun for those into kick ass superheroes without the baggage of a massive shared universe.





9) ULTIMATE COMICS HAWKEYE #1 OF 4 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Jonathan Hickman, Art by Rafa Sandoval

Yet another Ultimate Comics relaunch title, this is Hawkeye’s first solo adventure. I look forward to an action adventure for the Ultimates’ premier marksman. If you picked up last week’s Ultimate #1, also by Hickman, then expect to see at least a little crossover.





8 ) WARLORD OF MARS FALL OF BARSOOM #2 (Dynamite Entertainment)
Written by Robert Place Napton, Art by Roberto Castro

After seeing the trailers for the upcoming Disney movie of the same franchise staring former Dillon Panther, Tim Riggins, I have developed an interest in the character and I hope that this series will turn my curiosity into a desire to see more.





7) HAUNT #17 (Image Comics)
Written by Robert Kirkman, Art by Greg Capullo

As Kirkman wraps up his run on this mildly supernatural shoot ’em up book, look to see loose ends wrapped up and more unraveled as we segway into the next creative team. Seriously though, this book reminded me of the old 90’s comics I used to read where guns and tits rules all, but that could just be the art direction since the story is HEAVY on a bond between brothers.





6) SECRET AVENGERS #16 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Nick Spencer, Art by Jamie McKelvie

Comics wunderkind Nick Spencer unleashes yet another new comic this month as his run on Secret Avengers hopefully hits its stride. I once called him the “Lil Wayne of comics” in that he seems to be on everything that is hitting in the shelves and I hope that this does not burn him out. Coming out of Fear Itself, this issue hopefully picks up on something new for the Avengers’ covert team.





5) VESCELL #1 (Image Comics)
Written by Enrique Carrion, Art by John Upchurch

Another new series, this is something that has been described as a “techno noir” story. The concept is about people transferring their minds and spirits into other bodies in a crime story. I am always interested in trying new things and this looks like a fun, high concept book.





4) UNCANNY X-FORCE #14 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Rick Remender, Art by Jerome Opena

Back from the Age of Apocalypse, the heroes have the life seed and need to give it to Angel whether he wants it or not. I have high hopes for the next chapter in the “Dark Angel Saga” and if the teasers that Marvel released are to be believed we will see a new teammate out of this at the very least.





3) AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #668 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Dan Slott, Art by Humberto Ramos

The last issue ended with Spidey on the business end of an Avengers beat down. Sure, they thought he was one of the countless others that had spider powers and rocking one of his many uniforms, but an ass kicking is an ass kicking. I want to see how Mr. Parker comes back from that… I am sure it’ll make Christmas a bit awkward in the old Avengers Manor.





2) HERC #6.1 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak, Art by Mike Grell

Is Brooklyn in the house? Here we have another reader friendly Point One jumping on issue from Marvel, but this time focusing on the Greenpoint Guardian, Hercules! As much as I love a huge Greek bro dressed in green protecting my home town (Metropolitan & Lorimer REPRESENT!) FVL & Pak are a duo at just smashing out hit after hit and this book deserves more readers and if it doesn’t get them I predict it could go to the chopping block before issue 20. The action is fun and light, the dialog is pretty witty, and the references to other Marvel Universe happenings are fleeting if they are there at all. In other words, it is a damn good book for the causal reader.





JLA: Written by Geoff Johns, Art by Jim Lee
Flashpoint: Written by Geoff Johns, Art by Adam Kubert

This is it kids! The alpha and omega of the DC Universe is upon us! What happens in Flashpoint that sets resets the DC Universe? What happened five years ago that the first Justice League arc is a flashback to the new first meeting? All of the questions will be answered in part in just a few short days! And with a special midnight launch of these books in NYC at Midtown Comics hosted by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee you can bet that all of the hype will have fans talking one way or the other.

Here is a look at EVERYTHING that is scheduled for 8/31/11 release.

Flashpoint #5 (of 5) (Andy Kubert & Sandra Hope Regular Cover)
Flashpoint #5 (of 5) (Andy Kubert Black & White Variant Cover A)
Flashpoint #5 (of 5) (Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Variant Cover B)
Justice League #1 (Jim Lee & Scott Williams Regular Cover)
Justice League #1 (Jim Lee & Scott Williams Combo Pack Edition Cover)
Justice League #1 (David Finch Black & White Variant Cover)
Justice League #1 (David Finch Variant Cover)

Amazing Spider-Man #666 (Humberto Ramos 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Amazing Spider-Man #667 (Humberto Ramos 2nd Printing Hero Sketch Variant Cover)
Amazing Spider-Man #667 (Humberto Ramos 2nd Printing Lizard Sketch Variant Cover)
Amazing Spider-Man #668
Amazing Spider-Man Infested #1
Deadpool MAX #11 (of 12)
Fear Itself #1 (of 7) (Stuart Immonen 4th Printing Variant Cover)
Fear Itself The Deep #3 (of 4)
Gambit From The Marvel Vault #1
Herc #6.1
Incredible Hulks #635 (Paul Pelletier Regular Cover)
Incredible Hulks #635 (Adi Granov Variant Cover)
Incredible Hulks #635 (Blank Variant Cover)
Incredible Hulks #635 (Paul Pelletier Variant Cover)
Iron Man 2.0 #8
Journey Into Mystery #626.1
Marvel Previews #97 (September 2011 For Products On-Sale November 2011)
Mighty Thor #3 (Olivier Coipel 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Mighty Thor #5 (Olivier Coipel Regular Cover)
Mighty Thor #5 (Greg Land Variant Cover)
Secret Avengers #16 (John Cassaday Regular Cover)
Secret Avengers #16 (Jamie McKelvie Variant Cover)
Spider-Island Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu #1 (of 3)
Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 (of 6) (Mark Bagley 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 (of 6) (Sara Pichelli 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1 (of 4) (Kaare Andrews Regular Cover)
Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1 (of 4) (Adam Kubert Variant Cover)
Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1 (of 4) (Neal Adams Variant Cover)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man By Sara Pichelli Poster
Uncanny X-Force #12 (Mark Brooks 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Uncanny X-Force #14
Venom #1 (Joe Quesada 4th Printing Variant Cover)
X-Men Schism #2 (of 5) (Frank Cho 2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Zombies Christmas Carol #5 (of 5)

Chronicles Of Wormwood The Last Battle #6 (of 6) (Oscar Jimenez Regular Cover)
Chronicles Of Wormwood The Last Battle #6 (of 6) (Oscar Jimenez Wraparound Cover)
Chronicles Of Wormwood The Last Battle #6 (of 6) (Oscar Jimenez Anti-Christ Edition)
Crossed Psychopath #2 (of 7) (Gianluca Pagliarani Philadelphia Comic Con Cover)
War Goddess #1 (Matt Martin Regular Cover)
War Goddess #1 (Michael Dipascale Art Deco Cover)
War Goddess #1 (Matt Martin Gore Cover)
War Goddess #1 (Michael Dipascale Wraparound Cover)

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser #4 (Cover A Tim Bradstreet)
Clive Barker’s Hellraiser #4 (Cover B Nick Percival)
Clive Barker’s Hellraiser #4 (Cover C Tim Bradstreet)
Planet Of The Apes #5 (Cover A Karl Richardson)
Planet Of The Apes #5 (Cover B Carlos Magno)
Planet Of The Apes #5 (Cover C Karl Richardson)
Stan Lee’s The Traveler #10 (Cover A Dimitri Armand)
Stan Lee’s The Traveler #10 (Cover B Dimitri Armand)
Rinse #1 (Cover A Francesco Mattina)
Rinse #1 (Cover B Paul Azaceta)

Angel And Faith #1 (Jo Chen Variant Cover)
Angel And Faith #1 (Steve Morris Regular Cover)
Angel and Faith #1 (Georges Jeanty 25th Anniversary Variant Cover)
Goon #35
Hellboy The Fury #3 (of 3) (2nd Printing Variant Cover)

Kato Origins #11 (The Hellfire Club) (Final Issue) (Colton Worley Regular Cover)
Kato Origins #11 (The Hellfire Club) (Final Issue) (Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover)
Red Sonja #57 (Fabiano Neves Regular Cover)
Red Sonja #57 (Walter Geovani Regular Cover)
Vampirella #9 (Ale Garza Regular Cover)
Vampirella #9 (Fabiano Neves Regular Cover)
Vampirella #9 (Paul Renaud Regular Cover)
Vampirella #9 (Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic Regular Cover)
Vampirella #9 (Fabiano Neves Black & White Variant Cover)
Vampirella #9 (Paul Renaud Red Variant Cover)
Warlord Of Mars Fall Of Barsoom #2 (Joe Jusko Regular Cover)
Warlord Of Mars Fall Of Barsoom #2 (Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover)
Warlord Of Mars Fall Of Barsoom #2 (Francesco Francavilla Virgin Variant Cover)
Warlord Of Mars Fall Of Barsoom #2 (Joe Jusko Black & White Variant Cover)
Zorro Rides Again #2 (Matt Wagner Regular Cover)
Zorro Rides Again #2 (Matt Wagner Black & White Variant Cover)

Locke And Key Clockworks #2 (of 6) (Gabriel Rodriguez Regular Cover)
Locke And Key Clockworks #2 (of 6) (Gabriel Rodriguez Variant Cover)
Rocketeer Adventures #4 (of 4) (Cover A Alex Ross)
Rocketeer Adventures #4 (of 4) (Cover B Dave Stevens)
Rocketeer Adventures #4 (of 4) (Alex Ross Sketch Variant Cover)
Rocketeer Adventures #4 (of 4) (Black & White Variant Edition)

Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker #6
Elephantmen #34
Epoch #1 (of 5)
Haunt #17
Invincible #82
Last Mortal #4 (of 4)
Savage Dragon #173
Skullkickers #10
Vault #2 (of 3)
Vescell #1
Walking Dead Weekly #35
Witch Doctor #2 (of 4) (2nd Printing Variant Cover)
Witchblade #147

I.C.E. #2 (of 4)

Betty & Veronica Friends Double Digest #217
Jugheads Double Digest #173
Sonic The Hedgehog #228
Veronica #208 (Veronica Presents Kevin Keller issue 2) (Dan Parent Regular Cover)
Veronica #208 (Veronica Presents Kevin Keller issue 2) (Dan Parent Variant Cover Edition)

Flash Gordon Invasion Of The Red Sword #4 (Cover A Eduardo Garcia)
Flash Gordon Invasion Of The Red Sword #4 (Cover B Eduardo Garcia)
Grim Ghost #4

Executive Assistant Violet #2 (of 3) (Cover A Pop Mhan)
Executive Assistant Violet #2 (of 3) (Cover B Pop Mhan Sketch Variant Cover)
Mindfield #6 (Cover A Alex Konat)
Soulfire Volume 3 #3 (Cover A Jason Fabok)
Soulfire Volume 3 #3 (Cover B Michael Ryan)
Soulfire Volume 3 #3 (Cover C Jason Fabok Sketch Variant Cover)

Fame #16 (50 Cent)

Comic Shop News #1263

Killing Velazquez GN

Gahan Wilson 50 Years Of Playboy Cartoons HC
Ghost World Special Edition HC
Hidden HC
Like A Sniper Lining Up His Shot HC
MOME Volume 22 GN (Spring 2011)

Eldritch Kid Whisky And Hate
Deep Here Be Dragons
Torn GN

Bodysnatchers #3 (of 6)
Gore #4 (of 12)
Route Des Maisons Rouges #5 (of 6)

Captain Action King Size Special #1 (Cover A John Byrne)
Captain Action King Size Special #1 (Cover B Mariah Benes)
Captain Action King Size Special #1 (Mark Wheatley Variant Cover)
Phases Of The Moon #1 (Domino Lady / The Spider) (Cover A Marcelo Ferreira)
Phases Of The Moon #1 (Domino Lady / The Spider) (Cover B Arley Tucker)

Sixth Gun #14

Doctor Who Magazine #437

2000 AD Pack July 2011 (issues 1741-1744)
2000 AD Pack June 2011 (issues 1736-1740)
ABC Warriors The Black Hole GN (Simon & Schuster Edition)
Judge Dredd Megazine #313
Judge Dredd The Restricted Files Volume 3 TP
Nikolai Dante Hero Of The Revolution TP

Invention Of Hugo Cabret GN (New Printing)

Aron Warners Pariah #2 (of 4)

CLiNT #9
Star Wars Insider #127 (Special) (Aug/Sep 2011) (Previews Exclusive Edition)
Supernatural Magazine #27 (Sep/Oct 2011) (Newsstand Edition)

Any Empire HC

Undying Monsters Magazine #2

Ultra Violent Magazine #11

Griff GN

Grimm Fairy Tales #63 (Dream Eater Crossover Part 9) (Cover A Eric Basaldua)
Grimm Fairy Tales #63 (Dream Eater Crossover Part 9) (Cover B Nei Ruffino)
Grimm Fairy Tales Annual 2011
Salems Daughter Haunting #1 (Cover A Artgerm)
Salems Daughter Haunting #1 (Cover B Fan Yang)
Salems Daughter Haunting #1 (Mike DeBalfo SDCC Variant Cover)