1,000 posts and a new theme

StuffWeLike.com Logos Over the Years

What other two great milestones could we have hoped for?!

Welcome to the brand new and original theme for StuffWeLike. It’s always a great thing to start out to a fresh start. There’s no exception here. We ended 2007 on a high note, with visitor traffic through the roof. We attribute that to several things, social networking, SEO, and our writers.Without our great team of writers, you probably wouldn’t be visiting this website. A huge thanks goes out to them for getting us past our 1,000 post mark in less than a year of the blog’s existence! We also want to thank James Rayers and Mat Harvard for designing and coding this new theme.

With this theme being the first of many upgrades that StuffWeLike.com is going to receive in 2008, we hope that you gain more reasons to visit us over and over again!