BulletAsylum Mobile Review

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Xbox Live updates announced at Gamescom

The following four features are newly announced updates to Xbox Live on your Windows Phone that will be released with the launch of Windows Phone 7 Mango later this year.

1 – Download add-on game content. New updates will allow you to download game add-on content for your mobile games through Xbox LIVE to extend the gaming experience.

2 – Play with friends. From one Windows Phone to another, play games with friends, using the Fast Async multiplayer feature in select titles.

3 – Show off achievements. Like earning an achievement, but wearable! Tout your mad skills on the sleeve of your Avatar by unlocking Avatar Awardables in select titles.

4 – Control access. Manage and access mature rated content with Parental Controls, which are easily accessible on Xbox.com, Xbox LIVE Zune PC Software and Zune.net.

New Xbox Live Windows Phone games coming out later this year:
· “Toy Soldiers Boot Camp” (Microsoft Studios)
· “Chickens Can’t Fly” (Microsoft Studios)
· “Twist Text 2” (GameHouse)
· “Beards & Beaks: Cave Area” (Microsoft Studios)
· “Kinectimals” (Frontier Developments, Microsoft Studios)
· “MUSH” (Microsoft Studios)
· “Farm Frenzy 2” (Microsoft Studios)
· “Fight Game Rivals” (Microsoft Studios)
· “Orbital” (Microsoft Studios)
· “Burn the Rope” (Big Blue Bubble)
· “COLLAPSE!” (GameHouse)
· “Gravity Guy” (Miniclip SA)
· “Bug Village” (Glu Games)
· “IonBallEX” (Ironsun Studios Limited)