Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Mobile Review

For me the best moments of Need For Speed are when the cops are chasing you. Hot Pursuit for the Windows Phone carries that element over, but something gets lost in the translation.

In both career and quick race mode you can play as either the cop or racer. Quick race allows you to quickly select a variety of other options like several game types, levels, and time of days to select. It gives you access to two to three different power ups depending on if you’re the cop or racer. So for example if you’re the cop you can call in a blockade or a spike strip.
Career mode feels like it offers the same environments and race types except you have to select each across a map instead of just text like in quick race. In the career mode you can change the color of your racer car and view it from any angle that you choose. You can use the money that you gain through races to buy more cars.

As far as the gameplay is concerned you tilt the phone side to side to turn your car. You don’t have to worry about accelerating your car as it’s done automatically. Swiping up with your right thumb will activate the nitro speed boost. If you tap the left side of the screen the brakes are activated. Depending on the gameplay mode that you select you’ll have to dodge oncoming cars, race against other AI players, hit your opponents with your car, or use power ups to hurt the other car.

The audio is definitely a highlight of the game. It’s really crystal clear and when you drive by a oncoming car it really sounds like the car just went by you in real life. The game’s graphics are very good as well. There are many popups in the enivornment but the cars look very smooth.

Clearly Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has great presentation, but it lacks challenging gameplay. That’s not to say that you’ll get 1st place in all the races. It’s simply that tilting my phone left and right isn’t all that entertaining. There are plenty of games where doing that motion is fun, but I suppose they do a better job of rewarding the player. So I would recommend that you try this game out before you buy it.

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