‘Glory Days 2’ and ‘Nervous Brickdown’ Nintendo DS Reviews

Every gamer knows that summertime sucks. It’s rare that good games come out anytime between June-August. Well this is one of those rare times as I’ve got two games that I highly recommend! Watch the full reviews below:

DL.TV Has Lost Patrick

Patrick Norton

Co-host Patrick Norton has decided that episode #188 of DL TV will be his last (excluding future guest starring)! He’s left the popular video podcast as he has a daughter on the way, due in October, and he’s going to another gig. What that gig is, no one knows! It appears as though he’ll be taking some time off so we’ll report when he comes back to the net at a much later date.

It has been an exciting day in the podcast world where earlier today Morgan Webb started her own video podcast series and now Patrick is moving on with his life.

Currently this episode is not in The Pipeline so if you’d like to watch it head on over to their site at Dl.tv


Rumors are circulating that Patrick is heading over to Revision3.