Silken Pure

If you’re having problems staying asleep, maybe you should look into Silken Pure sleep masks. They’re made with 100% pure mulberry silk.

The feeling is luxurious very light weight and soft. Most importantly it blocks out all light so you won’t wake up until you’re ready too.

As the night goes on you’ll be happy to know that the pure silk contains 18 amino acids that through its smooth fibers hold moisture. It will leave your skin feeling hydrated.

Of course since this is something you’ll be putting on your face night after night it’s good to know it’s hypoallergenic too. So it’ll keep your skin from bacteria and allergens like dust mites that cause irritations and breakouts.

With Silken Pure sleep mask, you’ll easily be able to fall asleep no matter what position you like.

The Spa Girl Life

During these hard times we all need to reach our bliss. The Spa Girl Life might help you do that with its scented candles. Their motto is that these are a mini first aid kit for the soul.

Each candle comes with two crystals. The Creativity Magnet candle comes with botswana agate crystals, which help attract love and abundance.

The Creativity Magnet’s morning rain scent mixes the smells of clean cotton, lily of the valley, and hyacinth. The aromatherapy benefit is that it helps you overcome nervous tension.

The candle is made of soy wax and cotton wicks. After 40 hours of burn time you’ll be able to reuse the empty glass jar container.

Clearly a little me time is warranted right now. So go ahead and heal your soul.