‘Glory Days 2’ and ‘Nervous Brickdown’ Nintendo DS Reviews

Every gamer knows that summertime sucks. It’s rare that good games come out anytime between June-August. Well this is one of those rare times as I’ve got two games that I highly recommend! Watch the full reviews below:


Video Game Review Compilation

What if I reviewed Lord of the Rings Online, Ancient Sparta, Infernal, Stalker, Tomb Raider Anniversary, Hitman Trilogy, Zendoku, Armored Core 4, Bullet Witch, and Shining Force EXA? Would it be possible to do it under 6 minutes? Yes, yes it is, but that might not necessarily be a good thing…

SingStar Pop (+)

I just got the review copy today and I had to make a review for it immediately! It’s that amazing. Check out the video review in the Product Video Review section on The Pipeline.

For those of you who don’t know SingStar Pop is a karaoke game developed by Sony and is for the PS2. The game revolves around pitch and keeping your voice in tune. It features 30 tracks/music videos from various artists such as the Guerillaz and U2.