Glukoza: ACTION! theme song

Glukoza: ACTION!

We’ve added the funky Glukoza: ACTION! theme song onto the Video Game Music Channel!

Here’s the official description of the game: “Anarchy and Arbitrariness are dancing tap on the lifeless remains of Kind-heartedness and Calmness. Faker-boys are as disgraceful and cruel as ever! Malignant Monsters do their best to ruin the life of everyone within their sight coverage.
Vampire and evil pig producing Incubator has been launched at full power and keeps spitting out new bunches of blood-suckers and cloven-hoofed bustards.

Shocking, isn’t it? Don’t panic – Gluck’Oza squad is ready for action! Brave girl and her band will clean up the area of the enemies. To all Vampires it is strictly recommended to saw down their canines and disguise as humans! Look around, Fat Piggy, a heavy military boot is about to kick you hard. Massive attack is about to begin.

12 levels filled up with gun fire, powder smell and hand-to-hand fighting side by side with the warlike girl are awaiting you”


Orchestral Music


The Pipeline now features music composed by Sean Beeson, Justin R. Durban, and Hamilton Cleverdon! Check out all of their tunes in the show Music – Orchestral.

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Sega finally figured out what fans want. Retro classics.

Okay, this may just be a rumor for right now, but according to the gaming rumor site Rumor Reporter we’ll be seeing a big Sega announcement later today concerning certain Sega related titles for the Wii. The article says that DK: Bongo Blast won’t be the only Wii game you’ll be shaking to. Now think about it, Sega, motion controlled titles, Bongo Blast(a partial rhythm based game), SHAKING. This points to one classic Sega title, SAMBA DE AMIGO!

It’s times like this that I remember why I bought a Wii. First Sega brings back NiGHTS Into Dreams, then rumors say that they’ll be bringing back one of the best peripheral based rhythm games. If they keep this up Sega will no longer have to release crappy Sonic titles.

Please let this be true and give me a reason to keep my Wii.

Samba De Amigo