DVD REVIEW: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Let me start by saying ’twas difficult for me to write this review. For, as a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, I feel I am programmed to automatically shun any of the new Star Wars productions. However, I am willing to give anything a second (or fourth) chance, and I have never been one to stray too far from the saga in the first place. So here we are. Continue reading “DVD REVIEW: Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

DVD REVIEW: Futurama – Bender’s Game

I am a huge fan of Futurama- both in that I love the series, and I am a physically large fanboy. Bender’s Game is getting fantastic reviews, and is considered by most to be the best of the Futurama films released thus far.

However, I disagree. Continue reading “DVD REVIEW: Futurama – Bender’s Game”

Introducing the Avett Brothers

With a hard voice and an indie almost bluegrass feel to it all, the Avett Brothers are a welcome addition to my ipod. ‘Introducing the Avett Brothers’ is a six song sampler of the group, the tracks ‘Murder in The City’ and ‘When I Drink’ being the best and strongest of the six.

Check these guys- they are definitely worth a listen by anyone.

Blue Dragon (Vol. 1)

Blue Dragon began as a video game for the Xbox 360 that was supposed to usher in Japanese gamers to the console. The franchise has now expanded to a TV show with characters designed by Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon-Ball Z.

The story follows a group of six friends as they attempt to stop an evil entity using their new ally, a legendary shadow monster- the Blue Dragon.

This disc is volume one in the series, and contains the first five episodes. Thankfully it has an MSRP price of $14.99 because there isn’t anything else on these discs.

If you’re a fan of the video game or of anime, I would definitely give Blue Dragon a look-see. However if you’re not, don’t bother.

AC/DC Black Ice

It’s AC/DC’s first album in eight years, and it is fantastic. Essentially it feels like classic rock as modern media. Just as Kid Rock did with Rock ‘n Roll Jesus, AC/DC has made an album that instantly feels like a classic. Their music sounds as good as it did in their hayday, and the title track, Black Ice, will rock your freakin’ socks off.

I highly recommend this album to anyone – and I mean anyone – who considers themselves a fan of any form of rock ‘n roll.

Trust me- you will not be disappointed.

Track Listing:
01. Rock ‘N Roll Train
02. Skies On Fire
03. Big Jack
04. Anything Goes
05. War Machine
06. Smash ‘N Grab
07. Spoilin’ For A Fight
08. Wheels
09. Decibel
10. Stormy May Day
11. She Likes Rock ‘N Roll
12. Money Made
13. Rock ‘N Roll Dream
14. Rocking All The Way
15. Black Ice

DVD REVIEW: Popeye the Sailor (Vol. 3) – 1941-1943

All that he is, is awesome. The Popeye cartoons have always made for great fun since their days in the dawn of animation. Most stories are heroic narratives- personally, I know many a screenwriting professors who have been known to show their students a Popeye cartoon as an example of an excellent narrative.

This is a nostalgia DVD collection, and great fun for those of us who grew up with Popeye. It features 32 memorable cartoons.

And if you want to introduce the children in your life to ol’ Popeye, I think this DVD would do the trick, hands down. Despite the fact that these early features are in black and white, they are packed with so much action and adventure that kids will see past it.

So get ready to set sail with the world’s most famous sailor who isn’t a duck, and check out Popeye today.

I give this dvd set five out of five Cans of Vegetables.