DVD REVIEW: Popeye the Sailor (Vol. 3) – 1941-1943

All that he is, is awesome. The Popeye cartoons have always made for great fun since their days in the dawn of animation. Most stories are heroic narratives- personally, I know many a screenwriting professors who have been known to show their students a Popeye cartoon as an example of an excellent narrative.

This is a nostalgia DVD collection, and great fun for those of us who grew up with Popeye. It features 32 memorable cartoons.

And if you want to introduce the children in your life to ol’ Popeye, I think this DVD would do the trick, hands down. Despite the fact that these early features are in black and white, they are packed with so much action and adventure that kids will see past it.

So get ready to set sail with the world’s most famous sailor who isn’t a duck, and check out Popeye today.

I give this dvd set five out of five Cans of Vegetables.

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