CSI Las Vegas Season 6 Part 2 (Region 2 DVD) Review


The set for the second half of season six provides a great deal of extra material. These include things such as segments about the technology seen on screen used by the characters and a look back at how the season has progressed. If anything the extras on this one set are better than the actual episodes where none really stand out enough from the crowd.

Verdict: +


Hellboy 2 Trailer Online Today (Thurs)


 In a shock announcement from Universal Pictures the trailer for the sequel movie will be online later today Thurs 20th at noon PST/3pm EST.  That’s about 8pm for the UK & Ireland.

Hellboy 2 is the sequel to the comicbook movie that received mixed reviews when it was released back in 2004. The cast list for Hellboy 2 includes Ron Perlman as Hellboy plus Selma Blair, Luke Goss, Doug Jones, John Hurt and Thomas Kretschmann. Its said to be expected in US cinemas on July 11th 2008.

Half Life 3

[Update #2]

We would like to mention here that “Half-Life 3” is speculation, as we only have confirmation that Half-Life 2: Episode 3 will not be the last Half-Life game. It has been confirmed previously that Episode 3 will end the current Half-Life story arc, but not the franchise, nor the episodic medium.

There is perfect chance that there will be a series of episodic Half-Life games after Episode 3 (but unconnected to the current story arc). Then again, we cannot deny the possibility of a full-fledged title like Half-Life 3. Hell, for all we know, it might even be a prequel!


We have had a number of comments wanting a confirmation of our sources. While this should not be required, the writing credits of the StuffWeLike.com staff can be confirmed. The writer of this piece Ted Stokes is the main game reviewer for Ireland’s main PC magazine PC Live! In the magazine’s current issue he has an interview with Assassin’s Creed Producer Jade Raymond.

The Founder and Editor of StuffWeLike.com, David Rodriguez, is known for his contributions to the independent video game community with his indie game publisher Packom Interactive. He has distributed several titles such as Ethereal Darkness Interactive‘s Morning’s Wrath and Wadjet Eye GamesThe Blackwell Legacy.

StuffWeLike.com was created back in 2002 as a website that dissects and entertains the internet generation.


[Original Post]

In an exclusive interview we at StuffWeLike.com have had official confirmation that there will be a Half Life 3.We are not talking about Half Life 2: Episode 3 but a Half Life title after that one.

Our confirmation comes after taking with Doug Lombardi the guy responsible for all those PR pieces you have seen and read recently about Half Life 2: Episode 2. While discussing the game mechanics that run the Orange Box Portal game the topics of future games came up. These interview pieces are below and we do have permission from Valve to release it to you guys. Even though its not much in terms of details even getting a confirmation that there will be another game is a first!

Doug Lombardi

TS-SWL: With the ending of Episode 2 going directly to help the feeling of “must play Episode 3 now” could you give the current estimated date for Episode 3’s release?

DL: We haven’t announced a date for Ep Three just yet.

TS-SWL: Are there any current plans after Episode 3 to have a Half Life 3?

DL: We haven’t announced anything specific, but Half-Life won’t end at Episode Three – hang on to your crowbars!

TS-SWL: For Portal, can you explain in layman’s terms how the engine allows the mechanics to make it so you can go from one point to another? Does it duplicate the room after a portal location is selected or is it something else?

DL: A portal is two planar rectangles in 3D space. When both portals are placed we build a mathematical formula that converts position and angle values from one portal to the other. Rendering the portal is done in a separate pass where we use that formula to covert the player’s view position and angles to the view they see through the portal.

We also generate special collision data to represent the portal hole by grabbing collision data near each portal, combining them, and carving a rectangular whole through the center. When the player is near the portal they use this collision data instead of the standard data, allowing them to pass through the wall. We then use the conversion formula to teleport the player to the proper position after they’ve gone more than halfway through the portal.

It’s of course a lot more complex than that, but that’s the basic idea.

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That Mitchell & Webb Look – Season 1 (Region 2 DVD) Review


It’s never easy to describe comedy but its easy to say that Mitchell & Webb are a British comedy double act and that the Mitchell and Webb look is a comedy sketch show. While their comedy hasn’t transferred to the States yet you could describe them as the UK’s answer to Andy Dick. Popularity wise.

The show involves a few really good frequently used sketches such as The surprising adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar a homeless guy dressed as Sherlock Holmes with his parter a Watson wannabe in tow. The comedy can be described as semi lowbrow. There is one frequently used sketch that’s just plain annoying called Numberwang. In short is a game show where people call out random numbers. It’s supposed to be funny but thankfully once you know its coming the ever faithful fast forward button comes to the rescue. Mitchell & Webb is a very hit and miss show with a few classic sketches and a large number that take only a single viewing.

There are a number of extras including outtakes, unseen sketches (20 minutes) and a making-of (32 mins). In short it’s better as a rent than as a purchase for the actual comedy sketches but as a documentary piece on making comedy the making of is a really well done thing. Its one of those cases where the extras outshine the material.

Verdict: +

CSI Las Vegas Season 5 Part 2 (Region 2 DVD) Review


After a very so so beginning to the 5th season the second half of 5 is where things get interesting. If you don’t know CSI and want to catch up you can read the story basics on the previous release reviews on this site. This 5.2 set totals three discs.

The stories include the usual with a number of single episodes and longer storylines. What makes this set stand out from the rest is the inclusion of the two part season ending directed by Quentin Tarantino. That story is about how CSI Nick Stokes gets abducted at a crime scene and buried alive with the other characters trying to find him. At the time this was a new idea but has been copied to death since by shows like Fox’s Bones. It does start out slow but turns into a really good episode and a show highlight. There is only a single scene that shows Tarantino’s involvement in suitably gory style. Apart from that its business as usual.

Extras on the set are numerous in number and include commentary tracks and three featurettes. These are CSI: Season Five a Post Mortem, a talking heads piece with lots of clips. Then there is CSI: Procedures on the Scene and in the Lab. The last called CSI: Tarantino Style is all on Tarantino’s two parter described earlier. All are informative to a point but could be longer.

Verdict: +