That Mitchell & Webb Look – Season 1 (Region 2 DVD) Review


It’s never easy to describe comedy but its easy to say that Mitchell & Webb are a British comedy double act and that the Mitchell and Webb look is a comedy sketch show. While their comedy hasn’t transferred to the States yet you could describe them as the UK’s answer to Andy Dick. Popularity wise.

The show involves a few really good frequently used sketches such as The surprising adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar a homeless guy dressed as Sherlock Holmes with his parter a Watson wannabe in tow. The comedy can be described as semi lowbrow. There is one frequently used sketch that’s just plain annoying called Numberwang. In short is a game show where people call out random numbers. It’s supposed to be funny but thankfully once you know its coming the ever faithful fast forward button comes to the rescue. Mitchell & Webb is a very hit and miss show with a few classic sketches and a large number that take only a single viewing.

There are a number of extras including outtakes, unseen sketches (20 minutes) and a making-of (32 mins). In short it’s better as a rent than as a purchase for the actual comedy sketches but as a documentary piece on making comedy the making of is a really well done thing. Its one of those cases where the extras outshine the material.

Verdict: +

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