Broma Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Spread

Ever have a craving for something delicious yet you don’t know what to grab? Well next time you might want to have Broma Organic’s Dark Chocolate Almond Spread. Its got a rich taste with nicely balanced nutrition and good ingredients to spare.

The first time I opened the jar the smell was so chocolatey good. It reminded me of Nutella spread. All I want to do is grab a spoon and eat it whole. It’s both creamy and has a subtle crunch to it.

Thankfully this spread is healthier than others. It’s free from artificial ingredients, has no preservatives, no cane sugar, and no dairy, soy, and palm oil. The organic ingredients include roasted almonds, lentils, cocoa powder, coconut sugar, sunflower oil, vanilla extract, and non-organic sea salt.

The nutritional facts are 150 calories per serving, total fat 11g – saturated fat 1g – no trans fat, no cholesterol, sodium 55mg, total carb 10g – fiber 3g – total sugars 4g, protein 5g. When you look at the numbers it’s great to see that it has low saturated fat and sugar levels. Even the protein level is pretty high for a spread.

These balanced nutritional values and the fact that Broma Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Spread is super tastey makes it a great way to satisfy any craving.

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