TONOR Q9 USB Microphone Kit Review

Capturing audio can be tricky. If you want an easy to setup and use solution, you might want to consider the TONOR Q9 USB Microphone Kit.

The microphone itself is cardioid. So you’ll want to talk directly and generally close to the front face of the microphone. Thankfully it does come with a pop filter and foam mic cover. This will help block your puffs of air as you’re speaking. The suspension scissor arm stand allows you to rotate 360 degrees and lock the microphone in place. The metal shock mount holds the microphone as if it’s on a cloud. With it will be able to preventing any shocking noises if you nudge into your stand.

To connect your microphone to the computer the kit comes with a USB cord. You can also connect it to the Playstation 4, but not Xbox One.

For the price the audio sounds perfect. It captures a wide range and enough bass to satisfy most typical users. If for some reason you want a higher end microphone, you should be able to swap it on the arm, but depending on its width may need a different shock mount.

I do think this is a great kit for anyone who wants to quickly step up their audio quality.

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