Swamp Thing: The Complete Series Bluray Review

Swamp Thing was the streaming show that couldn’t. Always a shame when you get excited for a new series and it gets canceled before it has even begun. At first season 1 was cut down from 13 episodes to 10 episodes. Then after the first episode aired it was canceled.

The streaming world and media in general has completely changed in the blink of an eye. So that’s why it will always be best to hold onto it via a DVD or Bluray. You never know when a service will be shut down or merged with a different one.

This Complete Series Bluray does come with a Digital Copy via VUDU. One could easily imagine that it should have come with a free trial to DC Universe beyond the 7 day free trial found online.

As you can imagine there are no special features and lets face it you’re probably buying this Bluray in hopes that it helps to revive the show. From time to time it has some pretty good creature effects and atmosphere. Of course Swamp Thing is not really on camera a ton, but what would a show about a creature sitting in a swamp actually be about.

Anyway the point is don’t get too emotionally involved with this show. It’s 10 episodes with a incomplete story. It’s best to fast forward to the next makeup or special effect.

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