Captain Marvel ScreenX Showing Review

Throughout my years of movie going, I’ve experienced many gimmicks. Generally, they’re fun reasons to stop watching Netflix and head down to my local theater. Have these gimmicks ever saved a movie from being terrible? No. But at least they’ve given me fun and lasting memories.

At Comic Con in Hall H I experienced my first three screen movies. However these experiences were baked around trailers/previews. It was breathtaking to see this style added to trailers so when I heard Captain Marvel offered such a treat I jumped at it.

The format is called ScreenX and it offers a 270 degree view of a film. It’s like VR without the headset. The front screen projects the film while the sides offer peripheral views. The side screens feel stretched, blurred, and darker than the front screen. I guess this style helps you focus on the front screen.

Specifically for Captain Marvel not all scenes had this format. The vast majority of the film is without the side screens. So every now and then the side screens turn on and off. This is where the vast distraction comes from. If the side screens always projected video I might be able to focus on the front movie screen more so.

I do think that this format is much better than 3D. Not having to wear heavy glasses only to see blurry images is a massive plus.

My hopes would be that in future maybe the side screens could offer more valuable footage than what Captain Marvel did. Also it would be very cool to mix in some D-BOX seats so the seats move with the film. That combo of ScreenX with D-BOX would be something very special.

For now ScreenX is a promising format, and I hope more movies support adding extra content to the side screens for the full-length of the film.

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