Toy Story That Time Forgot – Blu-ray Review


The Toy Story gang is back in an all-new post-holiday adventure, Toy Story That Time Forgot. Following the events of Toy Story 3, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and the rest of Andy’s toys are enjoying life at new owner Bonnie’s house when a handful of them end up going on a road trip to one of Bonnie’s friend’s houses.

Left on their own when Bonnie discovers her playdate has a new video game, the toys soon find themselves in uncharted territory surrounded by a complete set of action figures known as Battlesaurs. Since they’ve never been played with and left to their own devices, the Battlesaurs have created their own barbaric civilization that leads Buzz, Woody and company into an adventure they have yet to experience.

Headlining this adventure is Trixie, Bonnie’s triceratops toy, who connects with the Battlesaurs leader, Reptillus Maximus, and ends up being the only hope Bonnie’s other toys have of escaping the clutches of the rogue Battlesaurs.

Toy Story That Time Forgot is a fun, adventure-filled story that further expands on the creative universe of the Toy Story franchise. With plenty of action, lots of humor, and the right amount of heart, Toy Story That Time Forgot delivers.

The Blu-ray edition is loaded with special features that include:

Origins of the Battlesaurs World

Go behind the scenes with the filmmakers as they discuss the importance of backstory and character development when creating the Battlesaurs universe.

Battlesaurs: Animated Opening to the Fictional TV Series

Just based on the intro, I would have definitely watched this as a kid during Disney Afternoon!

Toy Story Goes to Comic-Con

“My Unexpected Friend” – Karaoke Video

Deleted Scenes

I highly recommend, Toy Story That Time Forgot. It’s fun for the whole family!

Toy Story That Time Forgot is available November 3, on Blu-ray!

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