If you want to be the life of the party, bring some Rohto! No seriously bring it. The burning and then cooling sensation will shock everyone. At my house everyone began chanting Rohto! Rohto! Rohto! You’d think it was some crazy mind-altering drug.

The minute that you put Rohto on your eye you practically feel it latch on. You blink and blink, but it takes a while to fully go away. So clearly, it’s not something that you want to take while you’re driving or operating heavy machinery.

It’ll kick your dry eyes to the curb instantaneously, but it might effect your vision as your eye tries to clear the liquid.

I’ve tried other eye drops before and none of them last as long as Rohto. You truly do feel refreshed afterwards and the previous pain of having dry eyes goes away after applying Rohto.

Once you try Rohto you’ll never go back to your other brand.

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