Bluray Review: Identity Thief

Identity Thief has got a fun premise that actually delivers. They’ve made sure to try and get you invested with these characters so that you care for a positive outcome.

While the film delivers plenty of laughs, the special features included within the Bluray are no where near as entertaining. I was hoping that at least the gag reel would have a couple funny moments, but it’s edited like a trailer so there’s no proper pacing and timing with these takes. Skiptracer’s Van Tour is another video that makes me question: who the hell cares about how this van looks? The only thing that holds up here are the alternate takes because these comedic actors simply go off on a tangent and say shit that’s funny.

Identity Thief is a solid comedy that’s worth watching at least once. I’d say that you’re better off renting this flick as the special features don’t enhance the experience.

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