Star Trek Into Darkness: The Fan Experience

David Rodriguez Star Trek Into Darkness Red Carpet

Yesterday I got to embark on an experience of a lifetime. I don’t want to talk much about Star Trek Into Darkness within this post, I want to talk about my experience of trying to watch the film. To say the least it was one of the longest and most exhausting movie going treks that I’ve ever taken.

It all started Saturday when I saw on the Microsoft Store Facebook fan page that anyone could walk in and ask for tickets for the red carpet premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness. Of course I bolted to my local store and I was the first person to ask for the tickets.

If you’ve ever tried to get to into Hollywood during a premiere, you know how dreadful traffic can be. I had to arrive there around 4:30pm to check in so I had to put up with sitting in traffic for hours on end.

Once I checked in, I was told to sit on bleachers and in theory the event would begin sometime after 5:30pm. It didn’t begin until past 6:30pm. Yes they did end up giving us water at some point, but holy shit am I glad that I went to the bathroom before we were let in. During the red carpet, they did not let us stand in the bleachers or get up for the bathroom.

We received black Star Trek tshirts, which was totally sweet. Many of us didn’t bother wearing them because as you know wearing black in the sun just makes you hotter. The majority of us used the shirts to block the sun. My God Jim, the sun was baking us.

By the end of the red carpet I had to book it to the movie theater. Sadly even with multiple screenings going on simultaneously, the theater was jammed packed. I had to sit in the far back 2nd to last row. If that wasn’t bad enough, my chair ended up being broken. I saw Star Trek Into Darkness with my chair leaning backwards the entire time. I don’t know if you realize this, but that’s very difficult to do when you are in the last several rows. Not only is it a terrible angle, but it’s also tight enough up there as it is. Since my chair was leaning back everyone in the last row kept on hitting my seat as they walked by – not to mention the kid behind me loved to kick my seat. I had to tell his elders to control the kid.

Even though the theater was packed with eager fans awaiting to see Star Trek Into Darkness, the screening was delayed. It wasn’t just delayed by a couple minutes. It began around 8:30pm, which was roughly a full hour after the fact that I got my terrible seat in the first place.

Mind you this entire time I had nothing to eat. I mean if I knew the screening was going to be tremendously delayed I would have bought some theater food. The line for the food was pretty damn long so initially I just thought that if I went to get some food I could miss the beginning of the film.

Once the film began all the suffering woes went away. I mean clearly they effected my ability to fully enjoy the film, but who cares it was awesome. I did learn at least one thing, I’ll never do a red carpet again from the perspective of a fan.

Full review of Star Trek Into Darkness will be coming very soon. Stand by!

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